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# Solution for better MT filenames

Tools for future-proofing MT | A Whole Lotta Nothing

Create a template to produce an .htaccess file for changing archive filename format. (e.g. 000004.html to /04/03/12/dumb_title.html)

# Corporate Blogging Resources

More Corporate Blogging Resources: Contentious Weblog

An update to the earlier article, "Persuading Bosses to Allow Weblogs."

# Blogdsgn

blogdsgn (beta): News, links and useful stuff for the blog designer

I haven't visited in depth, but looks like helpful content based on the front page.

# MEOW - Mail to an MT Weblog

MEOW - Mail eNotes on Weblogs: MEOW 0.1.3 Beta - Offically Launched

What I really want is the ability to email straight from Bloglines and appear here.

# Atom API tutorial

Atom API tutorial

# Tips for a spam-free blog

Yoz Grahame's Cheerleader: Seven quick tips for a spam-free blog

Great tips here for making the default MT templates less susceptible to comment spam bots.

# Another email to MT script

Another email to MT script. I want to get MT configured so that I can email entries directly to it. This would be handy for the knowledge base at work. Also, I want to take a look at the script and see how the XML-RPC calls are done so that I can make calls from elsewhere (Lotus Notes, custom app, etc.)

# Test post with Zempt

This is my first test post with Zempt, a Windows app for blogging with Movable Type.

# Office 2000 Add-in for saving web page in one file

I've always hated that saving a file as html in an Office product saves it as a ton of files. It's so completely useless. Here's the solution:

Download details: Office 2000 Add-in: Web Archive

# Weblogs API

d2r: blogging APIs: a mini how-to

# Bookmarklet for file upload

Link to a bookmarklet for bringing up the file upload page in MT

# Great list of MT links

lovelinks: mt tweaks Archives. This is a great list of some very cool MT tweaks.

# MT managed Blogroll

tins ::: Rick Klau's weblog: Added blogroll managed by Movable Type. I want to use something other than This article seemed like a decent place to start looking at options.

# 3 way search for google, my blog, blogs I read

Searching the BlogSphere. I didn't want to lose this link. Interesting info in here on examining the RSS feeds and searching through them with an advanced google operator. A more robust search feature for a blog that just being able to search the blog alone.