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People who dress like their music idols » May.21.08

Infinity MPG » May.20.08

When Obama Wins » May.10.08

All of Inflation's Little Parts » May.08.08

Factory Tours USA » May.07.08

Facts about Crayolas » May.05.08

The longest car trip in the world » May.05.08

Kama Sutra mistranslated » Apr.23.08

CNN Headline T-shirts » Apr.21.08

Last meal on the H.M.S. Titanic » Apr.14.08

Metafilter comments vs YouTube comments » Mar.25.08

Easter cards » Mar.23.08

Black Guy Asks Nation For Change » Mar.19.08

The Vatican announces 7 NEW flavors of sin! » Mar.14.08

Twitter in plain English » Mar.08.08

FUH2 » Mar.07.08

21 accents in 2:30 » Mar.04.08

Stuff White People Like » Feb.28.08

Playmobil Security Checkpoint » Feb.28.08

The Silent Clarence Thomas » Feb.26.08

The Subprime primer » Feb.18.08

Barack Obama is your new bicycle » Feb.15.08

Consumption graphs » Feb.13.08

How many days passed in Groundhog Day? » Feb.06.08

The Top 10 Best Ever » Jan.11.08

Most overrated U.S. tourist attractions » Dec.21.07

Um, Thanks? » Dec.14.07

The Moby Equation » Dec.13.07

Stupid Filter » Dec.10.07

Movies: Ruining the book since 1920 » Dec.04.07

100 blogs to help you find free stuff » Nov.19.07

Insane Christian Bale Interview » Nov.17.07

Cowbell Hero » Nov.15.07

Vinegar » Nov.14.07

25 tools for the independent musician » Nov.09.07

Scandals ending in -gate » Nov.09.07

Indie Band Manager » Nov.06.07

RSStalker » Nov.06.07

Schrute Farms on TripAdvisor » Nov.05.07

College Majors in the U.S. » Nov.03.07

Freerice » Nov.03.07

MyCuppaTea/Coffee » Sep.06.07

Running the numbers » Aug.21.07

Names for 33 things that you never knew had names » Jul.17.07

Who is donating to whom and where » Jul.17.07

Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya » Jul.12.07

Flying in a lawn chair under 105 balloons » Jul.12.07

50 things you should never say » Jul.06.07

Viewing American class divisions through Facebook and MySpace » Jun.28.07

Victim chases down identity thief » Jun.19.07

US States Renamed » Jun.14.07

The Longest Day » Jun.08.07

Wedding guest diagram » May.25.07

Even CEO Can't Figure Out How RadioShack Still In Business » Apr.27.07

Lawyer sues dry cleaner for $65 million over lost pants » Apr.27.07

Famousr » Apr.21.07 » Apr.10.07

How companies got their names » Apr.09.07

They didn't study » Mar.29.07

Search with Kevin » Mar.28.07

10 Most Magnificent Trees in the World » Mar.27.07

Star Wars Mr. Potato Head Trio » Mar.26.07

A Conversation at the Grownup Table, as Imagined at the Kidsí Table » Mar.26.07

I Support The Occupation Of Iraq, But I Don't Support Our Troops » Mar.22.07

Afghanistan at the top » Feb.15.07

Ted Nugent Kamp for Kids » Feb.14.07

Spaniards going Viagra-crazy according to NYT » Feb.12.07

Mythbusters on one page » Jan.26.07

Are you smart or stoopid? » Jan.25.07

Microwaving Sponges » Jan.25.07 » Jan.22.07

Is The New » Jan.20.07

Julia Child's Wisdom » Jan.19.07

Reconsidering Star Wars IV in light of I-III » Jan.12.07

Par Avion » Jan.09.07

10 Lamest Superheroes of All Time » Jan.08.07

Top 10 most dangerous toys of all time » Dec.19.06

The deadweight loss of Christmas giving » Dec.19.06

Five most dangerous roads in the world » Dec.19.06

Will it blend? » Dec.15.06

Touring with a child » Dec.14.06

Holiday Song Myths » Dec.14.06

Poorly Designed Objects » Dec.05.06

Carved Crayons » Dec.05.06

My new Bears hat » Nov.24.06

Post-movie reactions of the real people in Borat » Nov.20.06

Choose Sides » Nov.16.06

Online pumpkin carving » Oct.27.06

This Old House gallery » Oct.25.06

Space Shuttle Launch from ISS » Oct.24.06

Halloween costumes with 3 household items » Oct.23.06

Adam Duritz Straight Edge » Oct.21.06

No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted » Oct.18.06

Torch Thong » Oct.18.06

Banning books about book burning during banned books week » Oct.03.06

Committment Device » Oct.02.06

Toddler T-shirt Slogans » Aug.27.06

Submit to Science » Aug.27.06

The politically incorrect alphabet » Aug.25.06

10,000 Reasons Civilization is Doomed » Aug.24.06

likebetter » Aug.22.06

What Right-Wingers See When They Read The New York Times » Aug.18.06

I'm Awesome » Aug.18.06

Want to know what's on the radio? » Aug.15.06

Top 50 box office returns for movies that never went into wide release » Aug.08.06

Stephen Colbert banned from Wikipedia » Aug.03.06

Yoda Backpack » Jun.08.06

150 lines of Shakespeare that have become everyday cliches » Jun.07.06

Top 10 songs that don't live up to their titles » Jun.03.06

Animal Sounds in Different Languages » May.17.06

Best Exam Answer Ever » May.08.06

Frightening traffic roundabout in Swindon, UK » May.04.06

Tricks of the Trade: Mingler » May.02.06

Bad Hair on MySpace » Apr.28.06

Bob the Builder, Bob the Workaholic » Apr.18.06

Girls Gone Wild Released Back into Civilization » Apr.07.06

Mc Sweeney's North Korean Refugee and the Cat-Food Commercial » Apr.06.06

The Movie Timeline » Mar.28.06

Jack Bauer Facts » Mar.27.06

Vote for the Worst » Mar.22.06

Things nobody tells you about the South Pole » Mar.17.06

Explaining where all these Irish pubs come from » Mar.16.06

How to fill a fantasy baseball team with classic Nintendo game characters » Mar.14.06

Counter-hippie Stop Stickers » Mar.13.06

Slate's guide to alarm clocks » Mar.10.06

What's in the 2006 Oscar goodie bag? » Mar.03.06

Thigh Mizzle's Top Hill-even Art-ease-its of Balls Thyme » Feb.22.06

All Consuming » Feb.21.06

Sick of Worst Buy employees checking your bags and receipt? » Feb.20.06

I, too, want a Dwight Schrute bobblehead » Feb.16.06

List of American English words not used in British English » Jan.24.06

The Omarosa Experiment » Jan.17.06

20-sided dice for the rear view mirror » Jan.09.06

Harper's Index for December 2005 » Jan.07.06

Best Blonde Joke Ever » Jan.06.06

The inexplicable popularity of Chuck Norris » Jan.06.06

Precalculus for Christian Schools » Dec.23.05

Yeti's story about the guy and the car » Dec.20.05

Q&A with the chest waxer from The 40-year Old Virgin » Dec.14.05

British scientists have developed a formula to calculate the 'beer goggle' effect » Dec.07.05

PriceRitePhoto: abusive, scamming photo store gets their comeuppance » Dec.02.05

Leslie Harpold's 2005 Advent Calendar » Dec.01.05

Thank you for taking me to see your friend's band » Nov.30.05

Seven Reasons to Move Thanksgiving into October » Nov.29.05

Fimoculous' yearly List of Lists - v2005 » Nov.23.05

Excerpts from Other Speeches Mistakenly Attributed to Kurt Vonnegut » Nov.23.05

Clark, TX renames itself DISH for free satellite TV » Nov.17.05

Google Maps directory of celebrity homes » Nov.16.05

The Million Dollar Homepage » Nov.15.05

We listen to the bands with '!' in their title » Nov.11.05

Why you should continue to date me. A chart. » Nov.11.05 » Nov.09.05

One Red Paperclip » Nov.09.05

Visual Complexity » Nov.09.05

100 Greatest Internet Moments » Nov.07.05

AskPhilosophers » Nov.04.05

Two links from EZ. » Nov.03.05

Dooce is supporting her family solely on ad revenue from » Nov.03.05

McSweeney's: Rejected Bond Girls » Nov.01.05

San Francisco in Jell-O » Oct.25.05

Average age of viewer by TV program » Oct.25.05

Interruption science studies how we manage information chaos » Oct.19.05

The names of the President and his Cabinet transposed to their etymylogical roots » Oct.13.05

Truth or Dare to win an iPod Nano gets pretty gross » Oct.09.05

Radical Cartography » Oct.05.05

Map of the Hurricane Katrina diaspora » Oct.05.05

Made-up words in The Simpsons » Oct.04.05

New Words in the 2005 Dictionary » Oct.03.05

7 Habits of Highly Successful People » Sep.29.05 » Sep.29.05

Sport Stacking » Sep.28.05

Totalitarian Institutions That Would Have Been More Fitting for George Orwell's 1984, Considering How That Year Turned Out. » Sep.20.05

Hooters Employee Handbook » Sep.20.05

More complicated Rock-Paper-Scissors » Sep.19.05

Postsecret » Sep.17.05

Gillette takes nod from The Onion and brings out 5 blades » Sep.15.05

Pirolette » Aug.25.05

Bullshit protectors/deflectors » Aug.24.05

Predicament » Aug.18.05

7 band names that would be impossible to book » Aug.18.05

Arcade tokens » Aug.18.05 » Aug.18.05

Google Maps + HotOrNot » Aug.01.05

Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith translated to Chinese and back to English » Jul.28.05

Wordlock » Jul.28.05

Fashion Minutae at Slate » Jul.25.05

How to fold a dollar bill into a shirt » Jul.24.05

Worstest Album Covers III » Jul.21.05

Google Moon » Jul.20.05

Intonation Fest 2005 » Jul.18.05

Email forwarding amounts to ritual gift exchange » Jul.15.05

2005 winners of Can Stacking Contest » Jul.13.05

Google Maps Mania » Jul.11.05

73 year old Kenyan grandfather kills attacking leopard with his bare hands » Jul.03.05

INSANELY large 45s collection on eBay » Jun.29.05

Will They Wed? » Jun.28.05

Malls of America » Jun.22.05

American Film Institute's Top 100 Movie Quotes of All Time » Jun.22.05

Star Wars, Fantasy Island, Indie Tupperware » Jun.13.05

Challenge Darth Vader to a game of 20 questions » May.27.05

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes talk on the phone » May.25.05

Kittenwar » May.24.05

Who's cuter? White babies or black babies? » May.19.05

Comments Overheard at a Brainstorming Meeting Between Ted Nugent and the Editors of Gourmet Magazine Where They Were Discussing the Upcoming Book Gourmet Magazine's Vegan Cooking With Ted Nugent » May.16.05

Grocery Store Wars » May.16.05

Rejected Love Is... comics » May.13.05

Pope odds checker » Apr.18.05

What I Learned Listening to AM Radio » Apr.14.05

Google maps + Craigslist rentals » Apr.12.05

2 lists from McSweeney's » Apr.06.05

David Duchovny's Blog » Apr.04.05

Assembling your own A-Team with an ad on Craigslist » Mar.22.05

The 30 least hot follow-ups to the 30 hottest things you can say to a naked woman » Mar.21.05

Angry Bed Positions » Mar.21.05

The International Database of Corporate Commands » Mar.15.05

What Yahoo! looked like 10 years ago » Mar.07.05

Five terrible fake congressional honorifics » Mar.02.05

Straight Dope on the adrenaline shot to the heart scene in Pulp Fiction » Feb.25.05

Iowa to Chicago, Abba all the way » Feb.23.05

defective yet's Squirrelly is one year old and completely normal » Feb.23.05

Knitted Japanese food » Feb.21.05

Popular goals in Chicago at 43 things » Feb.21.05

The Ayatollah's Book of Etiquette » Feb.10.05

Baby Name Wizard » Feb.10.05

Stand By Your Statue » Feb.08.05

Google Maps » Feb.08.05

Husband and wife fall in love again in chat room and promptly divorce » Feb.07.05

Son attempts to cultivate parentsí interest in better movies » Feb.04.05

The structure of romantic and sexual relations at 'Jefferson High School' » Feb.01.05

Which weatherman is more painful to watch? » Jan.28.05

Resume action verbs » Jan.28.05

Before and after mug shots of meth addicts » Jan.27.05

Heavy Metal Umlaut » Jan.27.05

Good-looking guys and average women » Jan.26.05

Five terrible fake LiveJournal memes » Jan.25.05

Where Balloons Come From » Jan.25.05

David Hasslehoff's crotch ad infinitum » Jan.20.05

I read the comics so you don't have to » Jan.17.05

It's like the Kama Sutra of Sumo » Jan.11.05

McShawerma » Jan.11.05

Eternal Egypt » Jan.05.05

Preshrunk » Jan.05.05

Mappr » Jan.05.05

In Numerical Order photo pool » Jan.05.05

Ski Mask Knitting Instructions » Jan.04.05

Results of calling every 867-5309 in the country » Jan.04.05

Five terrible fake Anne Geddes photo shoots » Jan.03.05

How Walmart Is Destroying America And The World: And What You Can Do About It for sale at Wal-Mart » Dec.28.04

Lap Pillow » Dec.21.04

Demonstration of making very small oranges out of clay » Dec.16.04

It's a Wonderful Life in 30 seconds with bunnies » Dec.14.04

The Year in Ideas: A to Z » Dec.14.04

Trailer for Dubya: The Movie » Dec.10.04

A poem constructed from the names of IKEA products » Dec.07.04

The Bad Sweater Project » Dec.07.04

Giftmixer 3000 » Dec.06.04

2004 word of the year is 'Blog' » Dec.02.04

Karate Kid: The Musical » Dec.02.04

Leslie Harpold's 2004 Advent Calendar » Dec.02.04

I Don't Know Vol I » Dec.01.04

The Best List of Best Ofs » Dec.01.04

The colorful diagram of non-vanilla sex » Nov.18.04

Bill Gates gets 4 million emails per day » Nov.18.04

Mark Cuban fined for weblog entry » Nov.18.04

Action verbs to use sparingly on resumes » Nov.17.04

Silly Putty in bulk » Nov.11.04

Little known facts about American presidents » Nov.10.04

Possible Relationships Between Drug Use and Crime » Nov.08.04

Odd court case names » Nov.05.04

Gallery of Stick Figure Warning Signs » Nov.04.04

Demoticons » Oct.29.04

Ashlee Simpson iPod » Oct.28.04

100 years of buzzwords » Oct.27.04

get your war on » Oct.26.04

Add your cream immediately » Oct.25.04

Make a statement with your pumpkin » Oct.25.04

Simpson's lip-sync mess on SNL » Oct.24.04

Harry Shearer's 'Face Time' » Oct.24.04

Nerve's Completely Unscientific, Transparently Partisan, Sexual-Political Opinion Poll » Oct.22.04

Interesting article on Sir Isaac Newton » Oct.22.04

U of Chicago senior going for world's longest eyelash » Oct.21.04

One word chorus - BikerFox - god put me here » Oct.21.04

Could you pass 8th grade math? » Oct.21.04

If Architects Had To Work Like Web Designers » Oct.20.04

The Miracle of Fall - Repost » Oct.20.04

Interactive Alpha-Bits » Oct.19.04

I am the unholy master of Microsoft Paint » Oct.17.04

Where do Legos come from? » Oct.16.04

1979 vs 1997 Star Wars action figures » Oct.15.04

Alien loves Predator » Oct.13.04

Chinese Whispers » Oct.13.04

How to torture your Sims » Oct.11.04

Pictures from OcTOASTERfest 2004 » Oct.11.04

Halloween costumes for couples » Oct.08.04

Proctoberfest » Oct.07.04

Carnal Cookies » Oct.05.04

Twisted pregnancy logic » Oct.04.04

You forgot Poland dot com » Oct.04.04

zipdecode » Sep.23.04

I hope he didn't break a tooth » Sep.22.04

Sun-Times praises Flickr » Sep.22.04

Driving LA to NYC timelapse » Sep.22.04

I found some of your life is over » Sep.21.04

How to become a famous architect » Sep.20.04

A Story About Someone Else's Ass » Sep.20.04

Less than 10 people live here » Sep.19.04

I found some of your life » Sep.19.04

Pepsi Can Fu » Sep.17.04

Naming tropical cyclones » Sep.16.04

Navistar CXT » Sep.14.04

Map of spam origin » Sep.14.04

PlanetDan's Senior Photo Collection Vol. 1 » Sep.10.04

The Pseudo-Elizabethan Place Name Generator » Sep.09.04

Stuff on the beach, stuff up the ass » Sep.09.04

How long can a laughing birthday card laugh? » Sep.07.04

Dave Matthews Band Lyrics That Take On New Meaning in Light of the Recent Brouhaha Surrounding One of the Band's Bus Drivers, Who Allegedly Dumped the Contents of the Excrement Tank off of a Chicago River Bridge and Onto the Deck of a Tour Boat » Sep.01.04

Mr. Sun spots Michael Moore, Jesse Jackson, Morpheus, and Jesus sharing space at a RNC protest march » Sep.01.04

The Vice Guide to Everything » Sep.01.04

E-mail addresses it would be really annoying to give out over the phone » Aug.30.04

Fine ceramic George W. Bush yard gnomes » Aug.26.04

Tricks of the Trade » Aug.24.04

The liger is real » Aug.23.04

Transcripts of OnStar Service Conversations Not Selected for Commercials » Aug.18.04

Haikus for a newly neutered dog » Aug.18.04

Quantum Sleeper » Aug.17.04

Titantic haircut » Aug.16.04

Paper Napkin » Aug.16.04

Unpublished Bill Murray interview » Aug.11.04

Hairy Back » Aug.10.04

Vintage 4x5 View Camera EXCELLENT CONDITION » Jul.28.04

70s Watches » Jul.23.04

The Incredibly Evil Machine » Jul.22.04

T.G.I.F., Amen » Jul.22.04

How NOT to Talk » Jul.21.04

Do you vote in online polls? » Jul.21.04

Rock 'N' Roll Holiday Escape! » Jul.21.04

Jeopardrink! » Jul.20.04

Flash Film Festival 2004 finalists and winners » Jul.19.04

The AWOL Machine » Jul.15.04

Write a speech for President Bush and watch him speak it » Jul.15.04

Recent lists at McSweeney's » Jul.15.04

Barbie's submissive days are over » Jul.13.04

Britney Spears' wedding registry at Amazon » Jul.12.04

Hell with putting breasts on TV; we'll put TV on the breasts » Jul.12.04

Photos of drunk people organized by state » Jul.07.04

A guide to British pub etiquette » Jul.06.04

Kindergarten Alphabet Photo Shoot » Jun.29.04

One final word on Layne » Jun.28.04

Leftover links » Jun.26.04

Dog toy or marital aid? » Jun.25.04

The tell all story I was waiting for -- written by the author of Acanit and Layne » Jun.25.04

Layne Johnson was not a real person » Jun.23.04

Poker: Almost as exciting as pro golf » Jun.23.04

I love you, Mama » Jun.23.04

Pointless Tuesday linkage » Jun.22.04

Welcome to the paper moon » Jun.21.04

Nuclear Bob's Shirt of the Day » Jun.21.04

Mile High kit » Jun.18.04

Vegan sneakers » Jun.17.04

How to give your baby a Hawaiian name » Jun.16.04

How to dispose of a murdered corpse » Jun.16.04

Just when I thought dooce's writing was getting too soft and cuddly... » Jun.16.04

Once the zombies take over, how long will my lights stay on? » Jun.16.04

Wowch » Jun.14.04

Plain Layne has disappeared » Jun.12.04

Kids suck. Use Birth Control. » Jun.10.04

Wait a minute for the really cool part » Jun.10.04

Six Things You Don't Know About Colorado » Jun.09.04

2004 Brood X Illinois Cicada Store » Jun.03.04

Fucking Cicadas » Jun.03.04

Pardon? » Jun.02.04

Analogia, Star Estimator » Jun.01.04

Follow along with Lewis and Clark » Jun.01.04

Bizarre tale of boy who used internet to plot his own murder » May.30.04

Strongbadia Riverquest Safariventure » May.26.04

Dingo Buffet » May.25.04

Gloria Dion wants her money back after being subjected to what she calls the worst Jewel concert ever. » May.25.04

Man Arrested After Motel Room Is Coated In Vaseline » May.20.04

Plain Layne » May.20.04

Bubb Rubb and Li'l Sis on the muffler whistle, woo woo » May.19.04

Jon Stewart's Commencement Address to the 2004 class at William and Mary » May.19.04

Composition of Mixed Nuts » May.19.04

Biblical and Shakespearean phrases » May.18.04

One day gas-out on May 19 = BS » May.18.04

Commuting tips from The Onion » May.17.04

Donuts » May.17.04

Brutally Honest Personals at Esquire » May.13.04

Gothamist spawns Chicagoist » May.13.04

Le Chateau Chenonceau presents its audio tours via iPod » May.12.04

How Old Do You Think I Am? » May.11.04

NU student charged with theft for eating a couple gummi peaches out of the bin » May.11.04

McD's trademarks the phrase "i am asian" » May.11.04

Fire Season in Central Africa » May.10.04

Michael Moore...the look-at-me clown » May.07.04 » May.06.04

My Karate Kid Shower » May.06.04

Want sex? Buy a BMW » May.06.04

Disney Forbidding Distribution of Film That Criticizes Bush » May.05.04

America Needs Dirt » May.05.04

The Shining in 30 seconds -- with bunnies » May.04.04

Sky Mall Pop Quiz » May.04.04

Jesus Christ Action Figure » May.04.04

John Scalzi on keeping parental decisions in perspective » May.03.04

Real-life Batman and Robin fighting crime in Reading, UK » Apr.22.04

How to Fold Clothes » Apr.21.04

Banana Guard » Apr.21.04

Converting room and board into music » Apr.18.04

From one billionaire to another » Apr.18.04

New Negative Campaign Ads Blast Voters Directly » Apr.15.04

Two Things » Apr.13.04

Subservient Chicken » Apr.09.04

Music from TV Commercials - Winter/Spring 2004 » Mar.31.04

Newsmap kaleidoscope » Mar.30.04

Common sense from Errol Morris' Globe Department Store » Mar.30.04

Grading the Flags of the World » Mar.30.04

Menlo Park, California gas prices » Mar.29.04

Emotion Fractal » Mar.28.04

Cancel the 2005 Academy Awards, the contest is over » Mar.27.04

Two words...Heebie Jeebies » Mar.26.04

Underground Facility For Sale » Mar.25.04

British grammar cop society votes "At the end of the day" the most annoying English cliche » Mar.24.04

The Snow Show » Mar.22.04

Transplanting Donald's Do » Mar.22.04

(Mostly) British Celebrities Swearing » Mar.19.04

Theme Funerals » Mar.18.04

What's so special about that number? » Mar.18.04

Poor Planning » Mar.17.04

Bargain Shopping and RSS soapboxing » Mar.17.04

The Passion Spin-offs » Mar.16.04

Typing really fast » Mar.15.04

How To: By You » Mar.15.04

William Hung has a record deal » Mar.08.04

I shoulda been a member of Nerf Pot Roast » Mar.04.04

Musical Typeface and Chicago a mile at a time » Mar.04.04

New Lewis & Clark nickel for 2004 » Mar.03.04

Timelapse Pregnancy » Feb.27.04

Party Loot Bags - Oscar Style » Feb.27.04

K-Car Parody » Feb.27.04

Mario Bros: A Tragedy » Feb.27.04

Japanese Snowball Fight Championships » Feb.26.04

I want to own Sno-White Drive-In because... » Feb.26.04

A Californian's Conception of the Continental United States » Feb.25.04

Rejected World Trade Center Designs » Feb.20.04

How Much is Inside a Sharpie? » Feb.18.04

Creepy Valentines » Feb.15.04

Sex and chocolate in Boston-towne » Feb.12.04

When Biscuits Go Wrong » Feb.11.04

Finnish man gets $200K speeding ticket » Feb.11.04

Closeup » Feb.06.04

Friday to-do list » Feb.06.04

Li'l G n'R » Feb.03.04

Who would Molly Ringwald chose? » Jan.30.04

World66 » Jan.30.04

How to get fired in 3 hours » Jan.22.04

Cheap » Jan.21.04

What's better than Return of the King? » Jan.19.04

Political halos » Jan.16.04

Postcards for Mom » Jan.16.04

40 Things President Bush Will Do on Mars » Jan.16.04

The Colour of the World Wide Web » Jan.15.04

The Bible in 50 words » Jan.14.04

Condiments will kill you » Jan.14.04

He's a Heroin-brand narcotics addict » Jan.13.04

Their Circular Life » Jan.07.04

Parents, watch your children » Jan.05.04

Best of 2003 » Dec.31.03

Telling it like it is » Dec.29.03

Top 10 Word Lists of 2003 » Dec.29.03

Soon you will have your own igloo » Dec.19.03

The 7 habits of highly effective assholes » Dec.18.03

Saddam » Dec.14.03

Reindeer Cookies » Dec.14.03

We have nothing to announce » Dec.10.03

If the library were like » Dec.09.03

A rottweiler and world peace » Dec.08.03

Retail Alphabet Game » Dec.06.03

Screenplay » Dec.05.03

Google's idea of a miserable failure » Dec.03.03

Unemployed Philosophers Guild Wishlist » Dec.01.03

Ramona » Nov.27.03

Pillow talk you might not want to hear » Nov.26.03

American woman wakes up from stroke with British accent » Nov.26.03

Absolutely the Best Dentist » Nov.25.03

13 smiles of Thai » Nov.18.03

The tangling alliances of search engines » Nov.16.03

Bubble Chamber » Nov.15.03

I'm going to add tofu to the list... » Nov.12.03

Naked sushi » Nov.11.03

Banned cartoons » Nov.10.03

If you want to... » Nov.10.03

3rd Annual Nigerian EMail Conference » Nov.06.03

The Meatrix » Nov.05.03

Are those the panties your mother laid out for you? » Nov.05.03

The Peace Rug » Nov.04.03

Amazon's Holiday A-List » Nov.04.03

We Fail » Oct.28.03

Fires in Southern California » Oct.28.03

I love 6 months ago » Oct.26.03

Guidelines for focusing on learning » Oct.25.03

5 of the more unusual things I could find » Oct.23.03

10 common problems that dismiss you as an amateur writer » Oct.22.03

Know your earworm » Oct.20.03

The periodic table personal ad » Oct.16.03

Essential Nature at dive into mark » Oct.14.03

The Amazing Baconizer » Oct.13.03

Kittypod » Oct.09.03

Clearing the record » Oct.08.03

The Degree Confluence Project » Oct.08.03

Album Cover Challenge » Oct.08.03

Baby name trends in a table » Oct.06.03

How To Write a Thank-You Note » Oct.03.03

5th graders draw Radiohead » Oct.02.03

The real story behind Mentos commercials » Oct.02.03

File under: Useless and cool technology » Sep.30.03

New Releases » Sep.29.03

Send yourself a future email » Sep.25.03

Toast » Sep.24.03

Take these words right out of your vocabulary » Sep.24.03

Google doesn't know all » Sep.22.03

Curious not creepy » Sep.16.03

Tihs rlealy wkros » Sep.15.03

What everyone knows in Elizabethan England » Sep.15.03

What timing » Aug.28.03

Variations on a flashmob » Aug.28.03

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