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Stuff I saw in real life

Silly morning breakfast song » May.05.08

Thinking Tuesday Night » Apr.08.08

Get me better and home » Mar.23.08

What have we been doing? » Jan.04.08

Raspberry Tea » Aug.26.07

My damn cat, Pixie » Aug.21.07

So long, Europe on $5 a Day » May.10.07

Lunch at the lake » May.09.07

Robbed » Jan.16.07

Curious George » Jan.11.07

HBD to ME » Dec.18.06

Looking forward to Thanksgiving weekend » Nov.21.06

Reply to all » Nov.06.06

5th grader and an iPod » Sep.29.06

Our week in Ellison Bay, WI » Sep.17.06

End of the summer vacation » Sep.08.06

Food and Fireworks » Jul.05.06

Great America » Jun.22.06

American Idol Finale » May.25.06

Enjoying the upper deck » May.04.06

Condo Sale Closed » Apr.14.06

Kurt Cobain died 12 years ago today » Apr.06.06

Walking home from work » Apr.05.06

Purple Pants and Red Shirts Don't Go Together » Mar.24.06

1979 Cubs Program » Mar.04.06

The updated condo kitchen » Feb.15.06

The weekend with the stainless steel appliances and the YMCA » Jan.31.06

January 24 is a good day » Jan.24.06

DesTructVie RiHnos » Jan.23.06

Spreadable butter on the stove top » Jan.12.06

Keeping track of things to do » Jan.11.06

Merry Christmas and Happy 2006 » Dec.23.05

Our party blogged - with pictures » Dec.20.05

The ice skating rink on the other side of the street » Dec.14.05

A real person weekend » Dec.05.05

We moved » Nov.23.05

Fisher-Price Power Wheels Cadillac Escalade » Nov.16.05

Housing update » Nov.15.05

Donating Goodnight Moon » Nov.03.05

Our new house » Oct.24.05

Harvey Finklestein's Sock Puppet Showgirls goes to NYC » Oct.13.05

Morning Roundtable: What's the worst that could happen? » Oct.11.05

Buy our condo » Sep.13.05

Happy Birthday, Stacy! » Sep.09.05

Seattle - Labor Day 2005 photos » Sep.08.05

Jury Duty Reschedule » Aug.30.05

Smooth sailing » Aug.26.05

Save your change » Aug.25.05

Something we're really excited about » Aug.17.05

Home safe » Aug.14.05

Off to Curacao » Aug.02.05

Sensitive Metra » Jul.19.05

Triumph vs. The Michael Jackson Supporters » Jun.16.05

Friday roundup » Jun.10.05

Sunday morning » May.15.05

Please meet Charlie » Apr.27.05

Unseemly things at Walgreen's on a Wednesday morning » Feb.09.05

No updates today » Jan.12.05

Type up to 10 wpm faster » Jan.07.05

Weekday coffee time » Jan.05.05

56 Uncommon Baby Names for Boys » Dec.21.04

19 CDs for Left of the Dial trade » Dec.19.04

We're going to have a boy! » Dec.10.04

Boy or Girl? » Dec.08.04

21 mostly vague job titles I've held in chronological order » Dec.08.04

Everything at once and it's not work » Dec.02.04

Slight Return » Dec.01.04

To Boston for 2 days » Nov.11.04

Veteran's Day » Nov.11.04

Three things I have really enjoyed in the last week » Nov.05.04

Suggested post-November 2 guidelines for group forwarded emails » Nov.05.04

Looking forward » Nov.03.04

Lunar Eclipse » Oct.28.04

Happy Birthday Ella » Oct.22.04

What are you going to be for Halloween? » Oct.21.04

Lost in a Swing State » Oct.20.04

I need help with 2 things » Oct.19.04

11 beats per 5 seconds » Oct.19.04

Super Sedate Weekend » Oct.18.04

Where do I recycle my monitor? » Oct.16.04

New neighbors on Leland » Oct.12.04

The new monitor » Oct.05.04

My O'Reilly tantrum » Sep.27.04

Happy Anniversary » Sep.23.04

I did two things this weekend » Sep.20.04

Happy Birthday, Kristin » Sep.16.04

Now serving number 4 » Sep.16.04

Happy Birthday, Stacy » Sep.09.04

Family Field Trip » Sep.07.04

Strange looks » Sep.07.04

T-shirt award of the weekend » Aug.30.04

Driving to Georgia » Aug.26.04

Free coffee at Dunkin Donuts » Aug.25.04

Mechanic Dave Gets a New Customer » Aug.24.04

Olympic withdrawl » Aug.23.04

Weekend suckfest » Aug.16.04

Back sorta » Aug.10.04

Where have I been? » Jul.30.04

Feel free to discuss amongst yourselves » Jul.29.04

Restful weekend at Lake Benet » Jul.26.04

Heading out to the cottage » Jul.23.04

Last July Weekend in Town » Jul.19.04

New on the endangered species list: the bookworm » Jul.13.04

All-star weekend » Jul.12.04

Jesus Jones and Franz Ferdinand » Jul.06.04

Independence Weekend » Jul.06.04

Look at this fucking shit » Jul.01.04

Power outage » Jun.29.04

Have you ever met anyone online? » Jun.29.04

Electrical problem » Jun.28.04

Plans for the Northwest » Jun.23.04

Early summer weekends » Jun.21.04

Monday Is Back » Jun.14.04

The next softball game » Jun.11.04

A much better night at the Joan » Jun.09.04

All in » Jun.06.04

Buckle up » Jun.04.04

Memorial Day Shopping List » Jun.01.04

The Office and Rasterbation » May.28.04

Hanging with the family at the Hala Kahiki » May.26.04

Thinking ahead and forcing my hand » May.25.04

Softball & Party Gallery » May.23.04

Chance meeting at Subway » May.20.04

Stacy and I at Camden Yards; O's win 4-0 » May.18.04

Out of town and modem down » May.16.04

Printers suck » May.12.04

Poker Night » May.12.04

Extra Google Mail Account » May.10.04

Shoulder driving clergy » May.07.04

Keep May 22 clear » May.04.04

"The largest collection of original Popeil and Ronco TV-advertised gadgets ever assembled under one roof" » May.04.04

Personal Herbs and Spices » Apr.24.04

Multitasking » Apr.19.04

My new sombrero » Apr.15.04

Pixie misses her mom » Apr.13.04

Big Balls » Apr.12.04

Easter morning » Apr.08.04

Moon behind the storm as seen from the porch » Apr.05.04

The next step » Apr.05.04

Catching up » Apr.02.04

April 1 » Apr.01.04

Conversation » Mar.31.04

Do Unbuilt Architects Get Paid? » Mar.26.04

Sad Blackhawks » Mar.26.04 Physical Attraction Test » Mar.22.04

Steamboat Springs, March 2004 » Mar.14.04

Checking out until sunday » Mar.10.04

I ought to be skiing » Mar.08.04

I blame gravity » Mar.02.04

Make it green » Mar.01.04

One of these nondescript days I might remember someday » Feb.25.04

Fast thinking on Fat Tuesday » Feb.24.04

No wonder I'm sleepy » Feb.18.04

The second result » Feb.11.04

Weekend mosaic » Feb.09.04

Switchboard and free cable TV » Feb.08.04

The first result » Feb.03.04

The Dance of Joy » Feb.02.04

Magikist is gone » Jan.29.04

Gluing pieces together » Jan.28.04

Titling everything gets ridiculous » Jan.26.04

One - Six » Jan.20.04

The universe is so much larger than the workweek » Jan.13.04

Random airline fare generator » Jan.12.04

Moon over Maggie Mae's » Jan.07.04

To the doctor » Jan.07.04

What I did this weekend » Jan.05.04

I'm shocked and appalled » Jan.05.04

Rockingest 2004 » Dec.31.03

The Commercial Christmas Celebration and The End of the World » Dec.29.03

Reflecting much too seriously before we leave Colorado Springs » Dec.27.03

United Abortion » Dec.20.03

Whirlyball in low res » Dec.19.03

Happy Birthday to... » Dec.18.03

Removed cousins explained » Dec.17.03

Best Buy Paranoia » Dec.17.03

Game shame » Dec.15.03

When a paragraph is too much to ask... » Dec.12.03

Plans are set » Dec.10.03

Damn deadlines » Dec.08.03

6,300 sick with the flu in Colorado » Dec.04.03

Resist Gift Certificates » Dec.03.03

You're invited to celebrate 30 with me » Dec.02.03

Self under construction » Dec.02.03

Their top 10 and gahhraghhga » Nov.26.03

Back from Denver » Nov.24.03

Stuck in the pipe » Nov.21.03

Denver weekend » Nov.20.03

The detached bumper » Nov.18.03

Anthony, your table is ready » Nov.14.03

Cat in the Hat » Nov.13.03

Veteran's Day » Nov.11.03

Oh, the pictures » Nov.10.03

Eight » Nov.07.03

Evanston » Nov.05.03

Does she love him? continued » Nov.02.03

Halloween with The Chef » Nov.02.03

Does she love him? » Oct.29.03

Adventures in Corporatopia » Oct.28.03

Costumes » Oct.28.03

Ella Autumn - 2 nights old » Oct.25.03

Two new projects » Oct.24.03

Welcome to the world » Oct.23.03

Everything autumn » Oct.22.03

Someday you'll understand » Oct.15.03

Moved again » Oct.13.03

The Polyphonic Spree at Empty Bottle » Oct.06.03

Thanks all for coming » Oct.05.03

Missing Season » Oct.02.03

Discipline » Sep.30.03

Scotland photos » Sep.26.03

3 year anniversary » Sep.23.03

September » Sep.22.03

Mark the calendar - October 4 » Sep.22.03

I need more "now" » Sep.17.03

Happy Birthday » Sep.16.03

Lagging 6 hours on an empty refrigerator » Sep.14.03

Home » Sep.13.03

Winding down » Sep.11.03

Touring in the red Renault » Sep.05.03

In Edinburgh » Sep.02.03

You go west, we'll go east » Aug.28.03

If only we had a Hubble telescope » Aug.28.03

Expectations of Mars » Aug.27.03

Driving on the left side » Aug.23.03

Dumbo on the down and out » Aug.21.03

"Focus" is not the word of the day » Aug.21.03

Four eyes and a wide smile » Aug.20.03

Salvation of the Nissan Maxima » Aug.18.03

I moved today » Aug.18.03

1/4 tank and 2 to go » Aug.17.03

AP vs. PTP » Aug.14.03

Oh My God! » Aug.13.03

The distance between work and home » Aug.11.03

Fundraiser for Barry Cunnane » Aug.07.03

The couple next to me » Aug.06.03

Learning Sciences program at Northwestern » Aug.05.03

It's official » Aug.04.03

Karaoke II » Aug.01.03

My first visit to Whitfield Co, GA » Jul.28.03

Away with formal attire » Jul.23.03

No unifying theme » Jul.23.03

We're counting whitespace » Jul.22.03

I'm happy today is July 21 » Jul.21.03

Karaoke » Jul.18.03

Sometimes we're human » Jul.15.03

Dan is (almost) famous » Jul.14.03

Wireless porch writing » Jul.13.03

Supernatural: grass photograph & gardens » Jul.12.03

Is my boss' boss my grandboss? » Jul.09.03

Farmer's tan, begone! » Jul.07.03

The balloon man whistles far and wee » Jul.06.03

Missing Pieces » Jul.02.03

It's still June » Jun.30.03

Everyday sensory deprivation » Jun.27.03

My hat is too big » Jun.26.03

Humpday morning » Jun.25.03

How they do politics in the UK » Jun.24.03

Herman » Jun.22.03

Northsider's night at the Joan » Jun.17.03

Fire in Lombard » Jun.15.03

After work bike rides » Jun.14.03

A little less gloomy » Jun.12.03

Ronnie Woo Woo walks his dog » Jun.10.03

Sunday on Ashland Avenue » Jun.08.03

I hate procrastinating » Jun.02.03

Rainy bike ride » May.31.03

Memorial for Barry Cunnane » May.30.03

James Turrell and his Temple of Light » May.24.03

Time flies when you're eating pork » May.23.03

Sin strip » May.19.03

Orange moons but no purple horseshoes » May.15.03

Loud noises and kicking things on the floor » May.10.03