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Music from GTA 4 on eMusic » May.22.08

Soundamus » May.04.08

Remastered Replacements » Apr.21.08

20 respectable rock and rap acts that peaked with debut albums » Apr.15.08

Muxtape » Mar.26.08

What happened to Jeff Mangum? » Feb.28.08

The world's biggest Mountain Goats fan » Feb.21.08 offering full-length tracks » Jan.24.08

Kiddie Records » Nov.14.07

Blue Ribbon Glee Club » Nov.03.07

Old albums that still sell well » Jul.19.07

Have some Hold Steady » Mar.23.07

WFMU's 60 second song remix contest » Feb.12.07

Steve Jobs argues against DRM on music » Feb.08.07

Chips Ahoy » Oct.20.06

NPR's This American Life now available as a free podcast » Oct.13.06

The Hold Steady Month » Oct.02.06

VH1's 40 Most Awesomely Bad Love Songs » Aug.04.06

Video history of the world's most ubiquitous 6 second drum break » Jun.07.06

Top 50 Conservative Rock Songs » May.25.06

Under the Covers, Vol. 1 » Apr.18.06

MLB Radio Daily » Apr.12.06

Mates of State @ Metro » Apr.07.06

The 10 Best Albums You Can Find in Almost Any American Thrift Store for $1.00: Part One » Feb.19.06

Fraud in the 80s » Jan.18.06

My new favorite German pop song » Jan.09.06

Dos and Don'ts for beating the iPod and iTunes » Jan.06.06

December 2005 Mix » Dec.19.05

iTunes Signature Maker » Dec.15.05

Said The Gramophone's top 22 songs of 2005 » Dec.09.05

Ricky Gervais has a podcast show » Dec.06.05

How To Make A Hip End of the Year 'Best Albums' List » Dec.06.05

The top 40 bands in America » Nov.18.05

So You'd Like to Get into: Bishop Allen » Nov.06.05

New Squeezebox design » Oct.27.05

This Bird Has Flown » Oct.18.05

Mountain Goats tonight » Oct.13.05

The Hold Steady Not Too Cool for School » Sep.28.05

Top 50 Basslines of All-Time » Sep.20.05

Send me something new to listen to » Sep.15.05

The Perfect Album » Aug.30.05

New JV and New Pornographers » Aug.23.05

The Mountain Goats in Chicago, October 13 & 14 » Aug.01.05

Lightweight headphone reviews » Jul.24.05

Live 8 video links » Jul.08.05

Billy, remember when you used to rock? » Jun.22.05

The Rock Snob's Dictionary : An Essential Lexicon of Rockological Knowledge » Jun.13.05

The New Pornographers @ Metro in October » Jun.13.05

iGuy » May.27.05

An exhaustive listing of mp3 blogs in wiki form » May.24.05

3 shows I'd make Charlie go see if he had a good fake ID... » May.20.05

Enjoying the hell out of... » May.17.05

Top 25 Greatest One-Hit Wonders of the 90s » May.16.05

The Mountain Goats 2005 tour dates » Mar.21.05

Motley Crue at Madison Square Garden » Mar.07.05

2 albums for streaming at Merge » Feb.23.05

New Mountain Goats album in April » Feb.08.05

Pitchfork's Top 100 Singles of 2000-2004 » Feb.04.05

New video by The Postal Service directed by Jared Hess of Napoleon Dynamite » Feb.01.05

Straight Outta Compton » Jan.25.05

The Arcade Fire on NPR » Jan.11.05

The Best Show on WFMU » Jan.10.05

End of Year Mix » Jan.04.05

The 10 Most Accurately Rated Artists in Rock History » Dec.16.04

Mistletoe » Dec.15.04

What's that song? » Dec.15.04

Five Mistakes Band & Label Sites Make » Dec.07.04

How to get rid of 200 CDs from college » Dec.04.04

largeheartedboy's Top 11 Records of 2004 » Dec.02.04

What are the saddest songs ever? » Nov.18.04

A stab at the music blogger's consensus top 40 bands » Nov.18.04

100,000,000 Bon Jovi Fans Can't Be Wrong » Nov.18.04

The U.S. Postal Service comes to agreement with The Postal Service » Nov.04.04

IT IS ON! » Oct.29.04

The Boys Are Back in Town / Igniton Remix » Oct.26.04

Legendary British DJ, John Peel, passes away at 65 » Oct.26.04

KEXP is streaming some shows from last week's CMJ fest » Oct.22.04

New releases this week » Oct.18.04

Orlando Sentinel interviews John Darnielle » Oct.15.04

Concretes Video and repress of Bitter Melon Farm » Oct.13.04

Super Fuck Yeah » Oct.11.04

More Rilo Kiley and JV » Oct.08.04

Flaming Lips Book and The Soft Bulletin in 5.1 » Oct.07.04

New Pornographers track off Matador at 15 » Oct.06.04

Bush Must Be Defeated - A Protest Song » Oct.05.04

The Mountain Goats and J Vanderslice October 2004 » Oct.04.04

LHB's Sunday Singles - Covers Edition » Oct.03.04

Rilo Kiley 9/30 show » Oct.01.04 radio » Sep.30.04

Rilo Kiley at Abbey Pub » Sep.30.04

The Futureheads-The Delays- Franz Ferdinand » Sep.29.04

A Night at the Hip-Hopera » Sep.28.04

Interpol Antics released today » Sep.28.04

Funeral by The Arcade Fire » Sep.20.04

LPTJ's Interpol list » Sep.13.04

It's a Hit video by Rilo Kiley » Sep.10.04

The Fiery Furnaces fan sites » Sep.10.04

Tunnels The Arcade Fire » Sep.09.04

Divine Hammer (live) » Sep.03.04

Boy-band, Townsend, covers Pour Some Sugar On Me » Aug.30.04

The Mountain Goats - October 3 » Aug.25.04

Why did so many '80s band names consist of the same word twice? » Aug.24.04

New Ted Leo track » Aug.18.04

Listen to Rilo Kiley » Aug.18.04

Modest Mouse is platinum » Aug.17.04

iPod vs. The Cassette » Aug.11.04

Megadeth album titles » Jul.27.04

Canned Heat » Jul.26.04

Left of the Dial » Jul.23.04

5 songs I wish I could hear again for the first time » Jul.22.04

The THX song with just my voice » Jul.20.04

The MP3Blogs Aggregator » Jul.19.04

The Sign » Jul.15.04

New releases Tuesday » Jul.13.04

Pitchfork's top 100 albums of the 1970s » Jun.25.04

500 albums and 1000 movies » Jun.24.04

Lollapalooza cancels entire schedule of 2004 dates » Jun.23.04

Liz Phair in Stuff » Jun.22.04

Roundup of A Ghost is Born reviews and interviews at Chicagomuzik » Jun.22.04

Merge Radio is online » Jun.18.04

The June 2004 Mix » Jun.15.04

Ensure Your Reservation » Jun.10.04

The 50 Coolest Song Parts of All Time » Jun.07.04

The Hold Steady Almost Killed Me » Jun.07.04

"Alone Again Or" by Calexico » May.28.04

30 Bands in 60 Minutes » May.28.04

Clear Channel Limits Live CDs » May.27.04

Abba to Zappa Music Quiz » May.27.04

Sasquatch! Music Festival » May.27.04

Stream of A Grand Don't Come For Free by The Streets » May.25.04

John Darnielle likes Ignition Remix and that's good enough for me » May.24.04

The Mountain Goats live on KEXP » May.21.04

3hive » May.19.04

Taste of Randolph Street Music Lineup » May.19.04

30 bands in 60 minutes » May.19.04

Matt Pond PA has a new site and a new album: Emblems » May.18.04

Spoon playing Metro 6/25 » May.11.04

Pre-order Wilco's new album and a tee » May.11.04

Quicktime movie of The Mountain Goats at Empty Bottle in February » May.10.04

Carolyn Mark has a new record out » May.07.04

Jack and Loretta on Today » May.05.04

Assorted Mountain Goats mp3s live and otherwise » May.03.04

4th Pixies show on sale saturday » Apr.15.04

Mountain Goats at Empty Bottle in June » Apr.14.04

Songs to wear pants to » Apr.13.04

Sessions from CBC Radio » Apr.05.04

Neko Case, et al at Schuba's » Mar.30.04

Polyphonic Spree on TV » Mar.29.04

Listening Notes » Mar.28.04

Song For Stacy » Mar.24.04

Upcoming shows spring/early summer » Mar.24.04

Ted Leo at Logan Square Auditorium » Mar.24.04

Dave Grohl on music » Mar.23.04

At Least That's What You Said » Mar.17.04

The Electric Company Music Archives » Mar.16.04

Kristin's Mixtape » Mar.09.04

The Mountain Goats » Mar.08.04

The Hootie bandwagon is boarding » Mar.03.04

Hittin the Ground » Feb.23.04

Billy speaks about the end of the Pumpkins » Feb.21.04

Name my free tune » Feb.16.04

Fingertips » Feb.13.04

Playlist today » Feb.12.04

Empty Bottle shows at Logan Square Auditorium » Feb.12.04

iTunes Music Store: Facelift for a corrupt industry » Feb.02.04

Just out » Jan.22.04

Flaming Lips and Okie Noodling » Jan.21.04

If you don't like the rules, change them » Jan.13.04

Justin Timberlake is cool? » Jan.12.04

Bury the encore » Jan.06.04

The Onion's Least Essential Albums of 2003 » Dec.10.03

New Darkness » Dec.03.03

Pitchfork's Top 100 Albums of the 90s Redux » Nov.25.03

Rock 'N' Roll Fantasy Camp » Nov.21.03

Very Best of The Stone Roses » Nov.21.03

Explosions in the Sky » Nov.20.03

The Darkness at Double Door » Nov.20.03

Squeezebox from Slimdevices » Nov.18.03

Remember "Hey Ya" is the answer » Nov.14.03

Let them sing it for you » Nov.13.03

The Shins on Morning Becomes Eclectic » Nov.10.03

Double Door attitude » Nov.04.03

Dylan remastered » Nov.03.03

Napster 2.0 » Oct.29.03

The do-it-yourself Beulah fankit » Oct.26.03

Falsetto, striped unitards and AC/DC riffs » Oct.23.03

Elliot Smith dead at 34 » Oct.22.03

The Meadowlands » Oct.21.03

iTunes on Windows. Yeah? » Oct.19.03

The Lo Fi Mixtape Network » Oct.18.03

Chutes Too Narrow » Oct.16.03

Recently Downloaded (2 & 3) » Oct.12.03

The Darkness » Oct.10.03

Recently downloaded » Oct.10.03

Emusic sells out » Oct.09.03

The Polyphonic Spree at Empty Bottle » Oct.06.03

5th graders draw Radiohead » Oct.02.03

Pitchfork's Castoffs and Cutouts » Sep.25.03

I shook hands with my guitar hero » Sep.19.03

Built to Spill tonight » Sep.18.03

Streaming Internet Radio? » Sep.17.03

Emusic mixtapes » Aug.25.03

100 best songs since Johnny Rotten roared » Aug.25.03

Polyphonic Spree show reviewed at The Village Voice » Aug.21.03

Whole Wheat Radio » Aug.20.03

Son of Slimp3 works... » Aug.13.03

The son of SLIMP3 » Aug.11.03

Lips team with Blues Clues / Somebody stop Robert Pollard » Jul.30.03

3 members of The Exploding Hearts die in van accident » Jul.21.03

Lotsa music to listen to » Jul.07.03

The Bangles are back » Jul.07.03

The New Pornographers at Metro on Sunday » Jul.04.03

EMusic » Jul.03.03

Built to Spill coming to town » Jul.03.03

It's not about the money...riiight » Jul.02.03

Songbook » Jun.25.03

Toys, toys, toys » Jun.20.03

Pottymouth girl » Jun.18.03

Steve Albini on the music biz » Jun.18.03

5 not as great memories of the past 25 years » Jun.11.03

The SLIMP3 » Jun.04.03

Clubhouse is closing » Jun.02.03

The Polyphonic Spree » May.25.03

10 bands from Metromix » May.21.03