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I guess I'm back » Nov.03.07

Tween Again » Feb.02.07

Recreation Programming » Jan.08.07

Accumulated Lint » Oct.06.05

Too late with the comeback » Jul.04.05

Coincidences » Jun.27.05

Charlie's nicknames and Swiss Miss tips » May.23.05

Not making the bed » Jan.27.05

Mayonnaise As Always » Oct.29.04

For how many showers do you use a towel before throwing it in the hamper? » Oct.15.04

Bienfang Notesketch » Oct.05.04

Approximate flavor » Oct.04.04

Grocery store and cab drivier lint » Sep.20.04

Mini-golf tournaments » Sep.10.04

Addressing the in-laws » Aug.31.04

Triple speed » Aug.20.04

No ring calling » Jul.19.04

Yee-ros » Jul.13.04

The most Indie number in existence has been calculated » Jul.08.04

Mark meets Buckbeak, the hippogriff » Jun.04.04

Extreme Ironing » May.28.04

I hate American Idol » May.27.04

Gonzo for President » May.20.04

Five things Id like to see become inexplicably cool amongst urban hipsters » May.03.04

The Blank Page » Apr.26.04

Who is the general? » Apr.13.04

Don't say it » Apr.12.04

I pay attention » Apr.07.04

Three » Mar.16.04

No Ma'am, please don't make my baby a banana » Feb.21.04

Avatars » Feb.12.04

Size doesn't matter » Feb.06.04

More with less » Feb.05.04

Best masthead ever » Feb.03.04

Anthropomorphic States » Feb.03.04

Five great reasons to buy a Hummer™ » Jan.26.04

Jello » Jan.08.04

13 Going on 30 » Jan.04.04

Best Buy drinking game » Dec.18.03

I'm stumped » Dec.16.03

I'm Charles VI, Mad King of France » Dec.11.03

Advent Calendar » Dec.10.03

Does Tom Want Oscar » Dec.05.03

1st grade Thanksgiving play » Nov.25.03

Five words I would like to use during Thanksgiving dinner conversation » Nov.21.03

The Official 'I had a grilled cheese sandwich for lunch' Post » Nov.19.03

I am not a terrorist » Nov.13.03

Closer than necessary » Nov.08.03

Trick or treat for you » Oct.31.03

Happy Halloween! » Oct.31.03

Handful of thursday » Oct.30.03

Daylight Savings » Oct.27.03

Tom Ridge raises ALCS threat level to red » Oct.13.03

Coloring » Oct.13.03

17 » Oct.07.03

Ignored or hated? » Oct.01.03

Whaddayacallit? » Sep.29.03

Kitchen Confidential + 3 other things » Aug.26.03

Have some lint » Aug.19.03

"Harper's Index" couplets » Aug.19.03

I want a yes or no answer » Aug.13.03

Mars » Aug.09.03

Hail » Aug.07.03

don't interrupt me when i am at the machine » Aug.07.03

Word problem monday » Aug.04.03

Fridays are better than thursdays » Aug.01.03

The Talented Mr. Ripley » Jul.30.03

Me vs. Them » Jul.29.03

No unifying theme » Jul.23.03

I know this is going to jinx it » Jul.19.03

Not a country song » Jul.18.03

Walking under the influence » Jul.16.03

Weather forecast: 83 and sunny » Jul.13.03

Blank paper » Jul.09.03

Two randoms » Jul.01.03

No content, no taste » Jul.01.03

Email clip art » Jun.23.03

Put me on hold? Tell me something useful » Jun.17.03

I like sugar, so what? » Jun.09.03

Golf lessons help » Jun.05.03

Billboards on I-90 » Jun.03.03

Tonic Water, Renuzit, & Chocolate Frosting » May.25.03

29 minutes » May.22.03

Hi, welcome to Walmart » May.20.03