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Cubs sign Soriano » Nov.20.06

Bye Bye Dusty » Oct.02.06

Derrek Lee signs 5 year extension with the Cubs » Apr.11.06

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Bye Wendell » Oct.13.04

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Let's go Mercury! » Sep.28.04

Cubs over Brewers 8-3 » Aug.24.04

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When October comes » Jul.20.04

Robot Pitching Machine Report: Clemen Industries Models S & T » Jun.03.04

Cubs lose 5-3; I drop to 4-1 » Jun.02.04

Prior to start for Cubs on Friday » Jun.01.04

6 years ago today, Kerry Wood struck out 20 Astros » May.06.04

Grow up » Apr.17.04

You are here » Apr.16.04

Cubs catchup 4/15 » Apr.15.04

Home opener » Apr.12.04

Opening Day » Apr.05.04

More bad news for the Cubs » Mar.31.04

Mini Wrigley » Mar.15.04

Possible advance season sellout » Mar.05.04

Baseball Execution » Feb.24.04

Welcome back, Greg » Feb.18.04

More night games approved for Wrigley » Feb.12.04

Letter to Greg » Jan.14.04

Rooftop owners splitting share with Wrigley » Jan.12.04

Bartman ball to be executed Feb. 26 » Dec.19.03

Cubs get Hawkins » Dec.03.03

If you can't beat em, take their players » Nov.26.03

Did you see the Yankees/Red Sox game 7 last night? » Oct.17.03

Spewing the vitriol » Oct.16.03

The 5 stages of dealing with a Cub loss » Oct.16.03

I'm going to Game 7 » Oct.15.03

The fan » Oct.15.03

A beer, a ham sandwich, and a Pennant for Prior » Oct.14.03

The empty quest for tickets » Oct.10.03

It's time to believe » Oct.06.03

Series Tied at 1, Prior vs. Maddux Tonight » Oct.03.03

Cubs up 1-0 » Sep.30.03

Cubs Celebration » Sep.28.03

Magic Number = 1 » Sep.27.03

Six games to go and we're all tied » Sep.23.03

Variations on a flashmob » Aug.28.03

You, sir, are a moron » Aug.27.03

Everyone is Jim Thome when Shawn Estes pitches » Aug.25.03

Gnat infestation drives Lenny Harris away » Aug.03.03

Cubs win and have a bike check » Jul.29.03

No unifying theme » Jul.23.03

Dusty Baker said » Jul.08.03

Enough already, we get it » Jun.27.03

Ronnie Woo Woo walks his dog » Jun.10.03

Getting "Chicagoed" used to mean something » Jun.06.03

Go Reds! (?) » May.08.03

Scrubs killing cubbies » May.07.03