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Tuesday · May 20 2008

Wii Fit comes out tomorrow
We want one. Of course, they're sold out. Nintendo is kicking Microsoft and Sony ass with lesser graphics and I love it.

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What you had to say:
May 20 2008

we pre-ordered and should receive on Monday - if you want to stop by next week and give it a try! :)

May 21 2008

Oooh. I am so disappointed. Based on the ads i saw on buses, i thought Wii fit was a suit you wore to play the games. What it actually is is a much better idea, but my conception was sexier.

May 21 2008

scratch that- it's scheduled to arrive today!

May 22 2008

how long a wait till you get one? i really want to know how it is.

i have been doing this:

and holy cow it kicks my butt

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