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Tuesday · April 08 2008

DanC mentioned to me the other day that Twitter scratches the itch to blog. It frees up the part of your brain that wanted to share something with everyone, but didn't want to bug them about it, and you don't have 30 minutes to write a whole post about it. I completely agree. I even got Rappel to tweet, which is my most unexpected accomplishment of 2008 so far.

Stacy had Yoga tonight, and Amelia showed me just how much more practice mommy has at calming her to sleep than daddy does. Charlie and I tried to put on a rabbit puppet show to entertain her, but our efforts pale compared to Stacy holding her close.

2 words on the Cubs so far: Kosuke Fukudome.

Stacy mentioned how much Charlie loves his trike. I've been walking up and down the block with him while he motors along. I can't believe how fast he is. He likes ordering me behind him, in front of him and to stay the side depending on his 3 year-old whims. I order him to stop before the alley, don't go down the driveways, and to stay near daddy. So we're even. We'll be riding all over the basketball courts nearby pretty often this summer I'll reckon.

The John Adams series on HBO (based on the David McCullough book) is exceptional. It's our favorite thing on TV right now and there's only 3 episodes left to watch.

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April 09 2008

I think if I had a blackberry or something I would be more into twitter. Miss D is still not very steady on the trike yet, but you've inspired me to take her out tonight if it's not raining. I loved the John Adams book (I've read pretty much McCullough's entire cannon) and I"m very sad I don't have HBO right now.

April 23 2008

apparently for me, it exacerbated the itch to blog.

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