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Wednesday · March 26 2008

My NCAA bracket sucks. Yours probably does too. Have you ever won one of these? I'm not sure why I still bother since I don't watch college basketball outside of March.

What you had to say:
March 26 2008

I won once. My freshman year in college. I picked Cincinnati to go all the way just because my parents went there. They surprisingly made it to the final four so I won. I guess that's my one win for life.

I've tried a few time since and failed. Now, I don't even bother. The guys at work are shocked that I would not want to enter the pool, but I find basketball to be tedious and dull and I don't like losing money.

March 26 2008

I'm in several pools, and I usually do pretty well. The first time I was invited to play, I read a bunch of journal articles about statistics and brackets - nothing about basketball, just the math. Lots of weird things like how the 11 seed is most often the upset and how the 1 seeds never make the final four all at once. I know nothing about the teams, but I usually win money. I'm such a nerd.

March 27 2008

That's really smart, especially if you're in several pools and they aren't winner-take-all. Insofar as the process for selecting and seeding teams stays the same from year to year - and I think it does - the math approach will be more effective than trying to figure out which teams will play above their season average and which teams will dissapoint.

A guy at (I think) has tried some approaches like that with the NFL. He picks every game to finish 24-17.

March 27 2008

More help from a non-mathy approach.

March 27 2008

I always pick Duke to go all the way. I always lose.

March 27 2008

I currently live near a bunch of Connecticut natives, so the whole San Diego thing broke their brackets. Good for me :)

April 02 2008

Did I say that the 1-seeds never all make the final four?

April 08 2008

Second place at work :)

April 08 2008

I got 3rd! Even if you don't get much else right, but you get the final game and the winner, there's hope.

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