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Saturday · March 08 2008

Farewell to the Dungeon Master
Gary Gygax, the creator of D&D, died this week.

In creating the greatest nerd hobby of all time, he built the foundation of every future role-playing game. His idea to assign numbers for health, armor, stamina, and magic has also provided the backbone for innumerable video games, including the Final Fantasy series and the blockbuster World of Warcraft. Wherever geeks cluster, whether playing a Pokemon card game or a video game like Oblivion, they're playing by the rules that Gary Gygax laid out. It's fitting that through Gygax's creativity and inspired descendents, the realm of nerddom has found eternal life.

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What you had to say:
March 10 2008

I really like the piece in the Onion AV Club, especially the bit about how he tried to get a D&D game going again but just couldn't and that was sort of sad.

March 10 2008

Thanks for the link, Reed. For some reason, I read your comment as Gygax tried to get a game going and just couldn't. I'm in the hell could Gary Gygax not get a D&D game going anytime he wanted?!

I'll blame it on the fact I just woke up.

March 15 2008

Apparently, Gygax hosted games at his house up until his death, which is pretty cool.

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