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Wednesday · February 06 2008

Thoughts on Super Tuesday results? I'm happy to see Obama come out pretty close with more state victories than I thought he'd get. Upcoming states look to be in his favor and he raised a ton of cash from small donors in January.

My notes on watching 4+ hours of coverage on CNN:

  • The extent of Wolf Blitzer's ability to do political analysis is to identify the home state of a candidate and say, “it would be a huge embarassment if they didn't win that state.” Wolf also likes to refer to Missouri as a “big prize.”
  • CNN <3 Obama. How many times did they show the mosaic wall of Obama state victories? 10? They even showed it while he was speaking. How many times did they show the same for HRC? I didn't see it once.
  • Mitt Romney doesn't even sound like he believes what's coming out of his mouth. How does everyone around him? He makes John Kerry look like a decent podium speaker and that's not nice to say.
  • Paul Begala had the best shot of the night at Huckabee: “Nobody is more conservative than Huckabee. He don't believe in evolution or gravity or photosynthesis or anything.”
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February 06 2008

We always have MSNBC on.

February 06 2008

Yeah, even if I muted Chris Matthews, I'd still have to look at him. Sorry, can't go there.

February 06 2008

I hope Barack wins because I don't want to be a reluctant voter again. For once I want to be really excited about who I'm voting for.

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