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Thursday · January 24 2008

EveryBlock Chicago
Get a news feed for events around your neighborhood. Crimes, restaurant inspections, lost and found, and other civic info.

Great design, too, but not surprising when I checked who the team behind it is.

Archived: Around town » January 2008
What you had to say:
January 24 2008

Both of these sites look very cool! Thanks for sharing.

January 24 2008

Cool - although, there is a lot more crime than this indicates. The Chicago police website has nice crime maps with cute little icons for all the horrible stuff that goes on.

January 24 2008

This is the same team that created, which uses the CLEAR map data from the CPD. Keep in mind that the CPDs CLEAR map shows many days at a time and this site is showing it day by day. It should be the same data.

January 24 2008

Didn't know it was the same team, but I think their CPD site is more helpful for visualizing what's happening in terms of crime because of what you said - it's a couple weeks versus one day and it maps it out. As far as this site goes, I was shocked by the restaurant inspection section. There are places I would never set foot in that passed, and other places we eat at that failed or passed with conditions.

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