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Friday · January 04 2008

What have we been doing?

Amelia was born December 19, so that's obviously on the list. However, despite what grandparents claim, you cannot spend your entire life staring at and asking oddly timed, rhetorical questions to your little baby offspring. “Yes, dad, my skin is soft. Yes, I want you to get this icky out of my pants. No, daddy, I don't know if Obama's win in Iowa will give him enough momentum to carry New Hampshire.”

So what have we been doing?

  • Playing Rock Band. Duh. Stacy plays the faux-tar. I play the faux-drums. Charlie plays maracas (the only real instrument in the band and officially credited as “Miscellaneous Percussion”). He also named the band “Boogie All These.” We asked, “Boogie what?” He said, “All These.” So we did along with our 220,000 adoring faux-fans. Yes, we're dorks, but toddlers love “Blitzkrieg Bop.”
  • Reading The World Without Us. It's a thought experiment on what would happen to the planet if we humans all disappeared via the Rapture or andromeda strain. I highly recommend it if for no other reason than it gives you something to talk about other than your Rock Band band.
  • Napping.
  • Watched all 10 pre-recorded, commercial-free hours of VH1s “100 Greatest Songs of the 90s” and “100 Greatest Songs of the 80s.” It's alot like napping, but your eyes are open.
  • Visit with friends from out of town. Great as always to see Tony, Dave, Steve & Michelle. Damn all you people that go off and make lives of your own elsewhere. That means you too, Tori & Ryan.
  • Play with Charlie's new toys. This is why we let our children grow up, right? So we can ensure they make proper entertainment decisions for themselves well into their 30s. This can only be done by example.
What you had to say:
January 04 2008

what about tinfoil antennae don't we count anymore?!?! :)

January 04 2008

I thought mentioning more than one of my Rock Band "projects" would make folks worry.

January 07 2008

If I had Charlie's toys, I would play with them too. Those puzzles are awesome!

January 09 2008

I wish napping was on my list.

January 11 2008

So. Rock band. Better than GH?

January 16 2008

Congratulations to you and Amelia on being born!!! Sorry I totally spaced on that I haven't been in touch.

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