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Wednesday · December 19 2007

I uploaded Amelia's first day to a set on Stacy's Flickr account.

She was a sleepy girl today. Can't say I blame her.

Charlie was very eager to hold her, so we all gathered onto the bed and he stroked her face “gently.” Then we asked Charlie how we he felt about his baby sister.

Charlie enthusiastically replied, “She's not a hot dog!”

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What you had to say:
December 20 2007

What a great pic! I guess I'll put my congrats in print right here.

December 20 2007

I looked at all of them. Beautiful! And once again, Stacy doesn't even look like she had a baby.

It's great to see the 4 of you together. It'll be nice to have some company in the 2 kid club.

December 21 2007

CONGRATULATIONS! What a beautiful family you guys make.

December 21 2007

We love this pic.
I love what Charlie said. ROFL.

December 22 2007

Congratulations to all of you! What a wonderful photo.

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