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Monday · December 17 2007

So, we're waiting for this little baby girl to come any day now. She's due to arrive Friday, but I'll give you 4-1 we see her sooner. I'm gonna go with Wednesday, the day after my birthday. For her sake, I hope she's not born on my birthday. She'll have to share birthday weeks with her dad and Jesus, and there's a big enough to-do about both of those without getting your own special day.

Think of us this week. I hope to have the obligatory baby under the Christmas tree photos for you all soon.

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December 18 2007

I'm sorry to inform you kegz, but it's the parent birthday that inevitibly shifts into the background, not the childs. Take it from one who knows.

December 19 2007


December 19 2007

Man, I wish someone would have taken my bet. I got it on the nose.

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