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Tuesday · November 06 2007

6 and 1/2 weeks until our baby girl is due.  Excitement completely trumps fear the second time around.  As Dan has said, it's the third one that gets you scared.  You're forced out of your man-to-man into a zone defense.

My mom came by on Saturday night to watch Charlie so Stacy and I could get some Q4 Oscar-worthy film going done.  We set out for either Michael Clayton or American Gangster, but Saturday night at the Evanston theatre means you need to get there an hour early to have a chance at something without anthropomorphized animated animals.  All you people that throng the Evanston theatre…where did you come from?  Where did you watch your movies 6 or 7 years ago?  I thought pirated DVDs and boxed TV series were supposed to be the death of cinema. 

We ended up seeing The Darjeeling Limited.  Wes Anderson will probably never write another Rushmore for me, but this wasn't bad.  Wacky characters in a forgettable story preciously set in India with great music.  I wanted to see Denzel shoot people, but that's probably just the violent video games talking.

Sunday we did the west suburban swing.  My Dad and Darlene made us a wonderful lunch and we relaxed and played around their place until it was time to leave for JB's.  JB and family were hosting us and the Rs at their new home.  It had been a bit since we'd seen them, but getting together with friends and playing with all the kids becomes a good time in your 30s.  Legit.  I never would have thought so 5 years ago, but these are the things you learn, like making children's music out of The Magnetic Fields and being relieved you're not forced into a zone yet.

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November 06 2007

Hey I didn't realize you were back! yay! I can't believe you're only 6 weeks away- it seems like it went so fast...

November 06 2007

Just six and-a-half weeks away? That's soon!

November 07 2007

wow, from the other side of the pond, it's good to have you back!

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