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Sunday · August 26 2007

Next time you're going to prune a backyards-length dense with raspberry bushes, wear some long sleeves, man.

I've been listening to the new record by Okkervil River, The Stage Names. I've been thinking you might want to too.

We were supposed to go see our friends up in Northwoods, Wisconsin this weekend, but last Thursday's storm kinda turned things upside down at our house (all just temporarily) so we didn't go. It gave us a chance to regroup in preparation for the Mega Wedding Weekend™ next weekend, so that's good I suppose, but I had really been looking forward to it. So maybe we'll see if they're up for something in the fall even though it'll be colder.

We aren't church-goers, but we did attend a 2-for-1 Christening last weekend for the babies of my friend Steve and his cousin Amie. Charlie did play-by-play the entire time despite Stacy urging him to use his inside voice. We sat in the back and when I spoke to the deacon at the reception, he promised he couldn't hear us, not even when Charlie pointed at the cross and exclaimed, “T!”

What you had to say:
August 27 2007

Ohhh. So sorry you missed out on your trip- how long before your power came back? I'll try to give you guys a call soon!

August 27 2007

Mega Wedding Weekend™, hilarious. We're honored.

I wish I could have been there to hear the enthusiastic "T!"

August 27 2007

That's pretty funny! I'll bet he had everyone laughing. Actually, it reminds me of the time Ella threw her dirty pull-up on the altar at cousin Delia's baptism. Luckily, Deacon Revord has a sense of humor.

August 28 2007

Sorry about the trip. We are having a bbq on Monday at 4pm. Chris Schwartz is making us. You are invited.

I really like the new Okkervil River album. I wore out the previous record "Black Sheep Boy" but i think this one is even better.

September 11 2007

We didn't hear him at all, but I was probably distracted by Lawson making his noises. Here's a quick video of what he had to say about it:

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