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Tuesday · August 21 2007

Our female cat, Pixie, has decided that the litter box isn't her thing anymore. Except maybe once in awhile when she feels like it. While I appreciate her efforts to prepare me for Charlie's potty training by getting me used to cleaning up messes on the floor, I really don't.

I guess she's upset about something, because that's what people tell you when your cat starts peeing where she pleases, but I don't speak cat. Any advice? She's about to get banished to the basement.

What you had to say:
August 22 2007

When we had the same problem, everything I read said that cats do not pee all over the place due to "feelings" but due to either not being comfortable with their surroundings or possibly medical reasons. I know you brought her old litter box back. If she is not being habitual about her peeing (i.e. peeing in the same places) maybe she has a medical issue? I bet Lisa would be a good person to ask...

August 22 2007

Actually she has particular places she likes to go, for whatever that's worth. She's always been an indoor cat for us, but she loves to be outside. I think she'd just rather be an outdoor cat.

August 22 2007

I'd definitely get her checked out to rule out a urinary tract infection.

August 22 2007

Yes, bladder infection or stones are the first thing that came to my mind. But there are a number of medical problems that can cause this type of problem (bowel problems, thyroid, kidney disease, etc.). Your doctor will probably check a urine sample first. Bladder infection is easy to diagnose and usually treatable with antibiotics. Stones are a little trickier (although they are more common in male cats). If she seems to be straining or only peeing small amounts, there may be crystals or stones. Whatever the case, I think it warrants a trip to the doctor. If you want more info Doctors Foster and Smith have a good website with some information about peeing outside the box. I hope she's okay, or gets better soon!

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