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Friday · August 10 2007

So…in case you hadn't heard, we're having a baby in December!

And…I know you haven't heard…we're gonna have a baby girl!

I hope you've all been enjoying summer more than I have. I just relaxed and started enjoying mine last Tuesday. It's been like that, but it should get better now. A pre-2nd baby, bring-no-toddler trip to the Big Island in Hawaii for a week in September will help that.

A baby girl. I'm as overjoyed about that as anything in a great while.

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What you had to say:
August 10 2007

Congratulations! I can't wait to meet her.

August 10 2007

Nice one. Congratulations.

August 11 2007

Congrats! This will be a nice twist for the Keglovitz family. Yee haw!

August 11 2007

Congratulations to the Kegz family!

August 12 2007

Wow, congratulations you guys! This is awesome news!

August 13 2007

awww, I lurk now mostly and don't post (if you have any of those analytic things tho, I'm guessing you don't get too many Amsterdam hits ;) ). But this is congrats worthy! That great news.

August 13 2007

Congrats to you two!! That's fantastic news.

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