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Tuesday · July 17 2007

Who is donating to whom and where
Interactive map of 2008 prez campaign donations. Clicking back and forth between Clinton and Obama is kinda mesmerizing. Moreso than clicking between Kucinich and Gilmore, say.

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July 17 2007

It is interesting that all the big money candidates, no matter what party seem to be drawing their funds from the same main areas geographically. Particularly that east coast corridor from DC to Boston.

July 17 2007

The Romney data caught me off-guard. I don't know if there is a strong correlation between where the money is coming from and where he might win, but if there is, his support is pretty dispersed. I just wasn't aware that he was even on the radar screen for the 2008 election. But, if money equals power, he is a real presence.

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