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Friday · July 06 2007

How Pixar made the CG food for Ratatouille
I'm not usually up for the animated movies, but I'd like to see this one.

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What you had to say:
July 08 2007

This made me so, so, sooo hungry. Especially for salmon.

July 09 2007

I can't watch this right now- but you know I want to see that movie! Do you think the kids are old enough yet?

July 09 2007

I was wondering the same thing, Stef. When are the kids old enough to go to an animated film?

July 10 2007

babycenter says 4.

July 10 2007

Ella saw her first movie in the theater (Flushed Away) last year, so she was just under 3 years. We figured we would try a matinee and we could always abort mission if it didn't work out, but it went really well.

Stef, I think Yelena would be just fine. Watching her yesterday made me realize that she has one of the best attention spans that I've ever seen in a 2 year old.

July 11 2007

Lisa- Sometimes I get a little nervous about it! That kid could watch TV all day long... ;)

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