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Wednesday · May 30 2007

Room to Read: A Modest Proposal

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May 30 2007

Interesting idea. I always think I'm so busy with 2 kids, but there are people who have way more kids and get by. My great grandma had 15 kids. If she managed to get dinner on the table each night without the aid of a microwave and do laundry without the aid of a laundry machine, I should certainly be able to read a bit. I have no excuse.

May 30 2007

15 kids. Holy crap.

May 30 2007

Families like that generally functioned because the older kids took care of the younger kids and because things were better in the old days, you know. Newspapers only cost a nickel, you know, I worked all winter shoveling snow so I could make enough to take the street car down to old Shibe Park and pay 50 cents to sit in the bleachers, all of this land was wheatfields, kids respected their elders back then, we used to play kick the can in the alley, but we didn't have enough money for a can, because it was the depression, so we used a big rock, and we were damn grateful to have it...

May 30 2007

I just did that yesterday - reading when Charlie was at daycare. Can't tell you how nice it was since I am of the type that doesn't last more than 10 pages on a usual night before I fall asleep in my book.

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