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Thursday · May 10 2007

Kook-Aid Dill Pickles
Kinda sounds like Lik-m-Aid or whatever that candy is with the sour stick you dip into the sugar packets.

“It’s a candy pickle.” And “I like it the same as dipping hot Cheetos in ice cream.” And “Have you ever tried one with a watermelon Blow Pop?” followed by a pantomime of how the Blow Pop stick can be inserted so that the candy appears as a knob at one end of the pickle, allowing the eater to alternate between bites of sour-sweet pickle and licks of sweet-sour Blow Pop.

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What you had to say:
May 11 2007

That it so repulsive. As if pickles aren't gross enough to begin with, they found a way to make them absolutely nauseating.

I bet kids would love this.

May 11 2007

See, now I don't understand not liking pickles the way you guys don't understand me not liking cilantro.

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