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Friday · April 27 2007

Happy Birthday, Kiddo! You're 2 today. You make everyday bright and fun.

Counting, dancing, ABCs, towers of blocks, animals in pockets, hugs when Daddy plays sad, bubbles, slides, planes in the sky, monkeys, MOON, doggies no babies, bagels no pop cree cheese, laughs when Daddy is silly, KiKi basketball, holding hands, and rides up the stairs.

It's all the best.


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What you had to say:
April 27 2007

Happy Birthday, Charlie!

April 27 2007

Aww what a cute picture!! Happy Birthday Charlie!!! I hope you have a great birthday and you get all that you wish for!!! Can't wait to see you Sunday.

Love you so much and always,
Aunt "Dani"

April 30 2007

Aww. Happy birthday, Charlie!

April 30 2007

So happy we got to celebrate with you!

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