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Thursday · February 15 2007

Mimi Smartypants made me laugh, so I'm copy/pasting this here for you.

Perhaps it makes me an asshole, but I am ever-so-slightly annoyed by shipping-address pull-down menus where the US and Canada are in their proper alphabetical position, rather than at the top. I do more internet shopping than most people from Afghanistan and thus I deserve the convenience of being farther up the list. I probably am just envious that Afghanistan has way more heroin than I do. Afghanistan is all, “First in the pull-down menu AND tons of sweet sweet heroin, ha ha suck it bitch.” And then I say, “I'd have to take off my burqua to suck it properly. Is that okay?” And Afghanistan says, “Uh…let us check with the imam and get back to you.”

What you had to say:
February 16 2007

HAHAHAAHAHH. That's hilarious!! Thanks for sharing.

February 16 2007

she is hilarious

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