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Monday · February 12 2007

Spaniards going Viagra-crazy according to NYT
According to the article, Spain's economic prosperity and ensuing loss of siesta is the force behind a growing demand for Viagra among overworked, overtired men in the country. But Viagra doesn't solve every situation.

One such woman is Carmen, a chic, twice-divorced 45-year-old information technology executive and Sophia Loren look-alike, who complains that her sexual ardor intimidates most Spanish men. Frustrated by her boyfriend’s sexual performance, Carmen insisted that he take Viagra, which he obtained by making a fake prescription on his home computer.

The Viagra worked, she says, but she decided anyway to leave her boyfriend, an urbane 55-year-old psychologist, for a 32-year-old unemployed student athlete.

“Viagra is not the solution many Spaniards think it is,” said Carmen, who declined to use her last name. “I came to realize that the problem wasn’t my boyfriend’s sexual prowess. The problem was him.”

Now, she added, “I have sex six times a day, but I do miss going to the opera.”

Carmen, skip one and go to the opera.

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