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Thursday · February 08 2007

One Perfect Day: The Selling of the American Wedding
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Mead writes for the New Yorker; the book is out in May. “Mead takes us into a world populated by Bridezillas, ministers-for-hire, videographers, and heirloom manufacturers, exposing the forces behind the consumerist mindset of the American bride and the entrepreneurial zeal of the wedding industry that both serves and exploits her. “

Probably a fun read for the two/four of you I know getting married this fall.

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February 08 2007

oh no! you can't post this now. ryan will call off the whole thing and make me go to the courthouse and meet all you guys after for pizza.

February 08 2007

Sounds like a perfect way to get married.

February 14 2007

Tori, did you get engaged? Congratulations, that's awesome!

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