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Thursday · January 11 2007

Charlie's usually watches the Curious George cartoon every morning at 8 while Stacy and I get ready. He gets up, has his breakfast and then points to the TV asking for “Jawrg.” He doesn't have the programming schedule down pat, however, and will sometimes ask for George in the evening or randomly on a weekend afternoon.

One such time was last night after Stacy put his pajamas on and he was rolling around on our bed. Stacy turned on the TV and George W Bush was mid-speech about his plan to add some 20,000 more troops to the force in Iraq. Charlie pointed and saw “Jawrg.” Charlie's mom grinned and said, “That's George, honey. But he's not the curious one.”

What you had to say:
January 11 2007

Thanks for making me giggle this morning.

January 12 2007

That is a great show (Curious George, not G-dubs). The movie is good, too. Have you seen it?

January 12 2007

if only he were curious!

January 15 2007

I can't decide which is more hilarious -- what Charlie said or what Stacy said.

January 26 2007

Yes, indeed. What purpose would curiosity serve when you're the self-proclaimed "decider"?

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