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Monday · January 08 2007

10 Lamest Superheroes of All Time
Dogwelder at #6 had me in a laughing fit at dinner while trying to explain his “powers” to Stacy.

He's this madman in a silver welder's outfit that basically just goes around welding stray dogs to villains' faces. That's it. That's how he fought crime. Welding dogs to people. Mind you it would be a bitch of a thing to have happen to you. You try to rob a bank and you end up with a Lhasa Apso welded to your face, yapping for eternity.

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January 09 2007

There have actually been a couple of versions of Aqualad, as I recall, with the one pictured there being by far the lamest, but even that Aqualad isn't nearly as lame as Vibe.

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