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Tuesday · December 19 2006

The deadweight loss of Christmas giving
I really enjoy picking out and giving Christmas gifts. I try to keep from mental money balancing gifts I give to my family, but it happens. However, I don't care for gift cards. I grudgingly buy them out of holiday giving obligation, but I swore them off this year. My only exception is a small amount card to Starbucks for my espresso guzzling dad, because nothing makes him happier than the promise of coffee.

What you had to say:
December 19 2006

Wow. this article is so in line with the way i approached christmas this year. We didn't have a big budget so i was forced to think small and tried to pick things i thought the recipients would appreciate. I'll let you know how it turned out!

December 19 2006

I like drawing names. That way you can put more thought into fewer gifts and spend less. Also, the kids always seem to like the stupid $4 piece of junk better than the big expensive toy, so I shop with that in mind.

December 19 2006

As somebody who seems to be moving a lot, I try to buy gifts that will eventually go away, like a nice bottle of booze.

December 29 2006

this year I did a crummy job at gifts. I hope next year to make up for it.

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