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Friday · December 08 2006

6330 is my best so far, though I know that's just the very beginning. This one is really addictive.

Update: 11760 is my best. Dan has the lead.

Archived: Play » December 2006
What you had to say:
December 09 2006

8080, but that was beginners luck.

December 10 2006

O sweet Jesus. I played that like 30 times. I had to stop myself at 43,220. Ella really likes it too and plays it by herself. She got 210 by herself which i think is pretty good for a 3 year old.

December 10 2006

21,680 - I didn't realize the birds were worth so much.

December 19 2006

I stomped on that 3-year old's score. 14K. eat it Ella. And that was only my second time playing. Wait till I PRACTICE.

December 19 2006

My teammate at work posted a score of 8 Billion. That's B as in Baba Ghanouj. And 8 as in holy shit.

December 25 2006

1,073,400. The Bells started to get so small that i began confusing them with the stars

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