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Tuesday · December 05 2006

What is the worst designed everyday object?
I'll agree with the commenter who posted:

The tightly-seamed, clear plastic (blister?) packages in which everything seems to be displayed and sold. Everything even slightly valuable, that is. You know what I mean. Memory cards come in them, as do children's toys and disposable razors. They are designed to make theft difficult, without any consideration of the difficulty they impose on the legitimate end user.

I'm thinking of the time I bought a pair of kitchen scissors and it came packaged this way. I can't open these crappy packages without my kitchen scissors! And, even then, I cut or scrape myself half the time.

What you had to say:
December 05 2006


This has nothing to do with your post, but i can't email at work so....
have you read this

December 05 2006

I haven't, because I haven't seen the whole season of The Wire. I've been staying away from reading anything more about the show, until I finish. I have 10 days off over Christmas and I suspect I'll be catching up then.

December 05 2006

It barely mentions the current season. It's mainly about the writing process and the subject matter. I strongly recommend reading it, he has some really fascinating points on capitalism and out society in general.

December 05 2006

Ah, thanks. I'll check it out then.

December 05 2006

Agreed. I can't open those things without muttering at least 10 swear words.

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