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Tuesday · December 05 2006

I opened up the Trib yesterday and the front page of the Tempo section was running a glowing writeup of the new Garmin store on Michigan avenue that Dan worked on this year. The online article is missing the impressive pictures of the undulating wall, but this shot gives you the basic idea. Maybe Dan has a better gallery to show.

I'm really proud and impressed that two of my best friends have garnered such public appreciation of the work they do. First, Chris' success in the Houston labor strike and now this.

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December 05 2006

It's awesome, isn't it?
As someone with no spatial ability whatsoever, I'm always amazed when I see the final product of Dan's work. I'm convinced I could be many things if I worked hard enough, but architect is not one of them.

December 06 2006

Wow, gorgeous!

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