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Tuesday · November 21 2006

The worst cover of “Eleanor Rigby” you've ever heard brought to you by the remnants of Twisted Sister.

I'm thinking of starting a new seasonal feature: Links I am not thankful for.

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What you had to say:
November 21 2006

I am thankful that Dee Snider is human, so one day he will die and not produce garbage like this.

December 10 2006

well i happen to be a beatles, TS and metal fan. Especially with good lead guitar. So this song was awsome for me. And it was ceratinly better han other covers. You shouldent be so quick to judge dee, considering he did a lot for the music industry you little twats.

December 11 2006

Sorry to hear you like it, Zack. Because it really does suck.

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