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Tuesday · November 21 2006

A few things I'm looking forward to this weekend:

  • Football, food, and a game of Blokus or cards at my mom's on Thursday
  • Taking Charlie to the aquarium, hopefully joined by some friends
  • Chris' return from Houston with a new contract to end the strike he has poured himself into for the last God knows how long. Welcome back, man. We've missed you.
  • Morning Coffee and video games in my robe over a long weekend
  • Seeing Steve & Michelle at their baby anticipation cocktail party on Friday
  • Bears vs. Patriots

What are you looking forward to this weekend?

What you had to say:
November 21 2006

- Going to my first football (soccer) match & learning some Dutch cheers
- kicking out a few more pages on the novel
- knock off one thing from the to-do list

November 21 2006

My whole family (mom, dad, brother, sister in law, niece, nephew) is coming to my apartment. This was my brother's idea and it was planned long before I decided to move out. Fortunately, I'm not moving out until mid-December. They'll be here for five days.

Fortunately, my nephew and niece are 3 and 1, respectively, and are pretty easy to entertain.
We will go to the aquarium and hopefully check out the USS Constitution. Walk around Marblehead. Possibly go see some witch stuff in Salem. Go to the Peabody-Essex Museum in Salem. Maybe go to the Minuteman Park. Go swimming at the pool at the hotel my parents are staying at. I'm hoping my brother and I will watch the Chiefs-Broncos. That looks like a good game.

I will also spend the weekend stressing about how I'm going to move all of that stuff and finish my final duties at my current job. With luck, I will learn before the weekend that I have an apartment pinned-down in Maryland for Jan. 1. If not, I'll stress about that too.

November 21 2006

Going to Atlanta to see Ryan!
Having Thanksgiving dinner with his friend from high school and his wife.
Quality snuggling time.

November 21 2006

Road trip! To Tennessee.

November 21 2006

Having Dan home - it's a vacation for me too.

And dinner. Thanksgiving is my favorite meal of the entire year. I'm hosting. Wish me luck!

November 22 2006

- Turkey Trot run on Thursday morning with my brothers. This will be the first run that we've done together since the 10K in Elk Grove we used to do each year from 1980-1987.

- Seeing family & friends this weekend, especially Jason & Stacy, duh.

- Watching Da Beloved.

- Going to a friend's 30th birthday celebration.

- Just trying to party.

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