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Thursday · November 16 2006

2006 NFL TV distribution maps
Ever wonder which NFL game will be shown in your area on Sunday? These maps have the answer.

What you had to say:
November 16 2006

So, if a game isn't anywhere on the maps (Denver this weekend), does that mean it gets local play only? Or am I blind?

November 16 2006

That'd be my guess.

November 16 2006

That seems weird since Denver is playing San Diego and should be a good game. Darn.

November 16 2006

Oh, it is the Sunday night game so we will get to see it. Cool.

November 16 2006

Denver-San Diego was originally scheduled for a CBS afternoon game, then NBC stole it last week for its Sunday Night Football slot. Part of the new "flex" schedule deal between NBC and the NFL. NBC obviously believes it'll be the best game of the week. I agree. (I'll be there, up in the nose-bleeds.)

November 16 2006

I love the new flex schedule deal. The Sunday night games have been great. Monday night football is actually kinda crappy now.

November 16 2006

I like it too. The Sunday night games have been much more enjoyable than MNF. Contributing to the crappiness of MNF is the broadcast team. Tirico is okay, but the other two gotta go.

November 16 2006

I admit it. I like Tony Kornheiser. Theismann, no thanks. But Kornheiser entertains me. I like watching PTI too.

November 17 2006

I haven't watched any Monday game long enough to really tell how good that crew is. Clearly Sunday night is where it's at now.

At least we no longer have that Theismann-Magwire-whatshisname crew that used to do Sunday night. They made the games almost unwatchable.

That Denver-San Diego game looks like a good one, but I imagine it will be a bit cold. Enjoy.

November 20 2006

The downside of the flex schedule is that they reveal the game changes about 2-3 weeks prior to game day. So if you've purchased a plane ticket to come see a noon game at soldier field and plan on flying out after the game, you now have to change your flight & probably pay for the change - not that this has happened to me yet.

Likewise if you live in a city and have made plans for game day and the game changes to a night game. I had bought tix for the chargers-broncos game over the summer when they went on sale on ticketmaster and had some relatives coming in that were going to leave after the game. They announced the change to a night game via an email I received on November 6th, which went to my spam filter. Luckily I saw it and was able to re-arrange our plans.

Obviously on the upside, it was great seeing a nationally televised game live and I guess I shouldn't complain about going to live football games. Obviously the schedule changes are for viewers and not necessarily for the 60,000 that attend. Although it probably affects scalpers & ticket prices. And maybe even game day availability.

November 22 2006

Just got this today - November 22:
Hello, this is Ticketmaster Customer Service with an important alert for your upcoming event. DENVER BRONCOS-vs-SEATTLE SEAHAWKS scheduled at INVESCO FIELD @ MILE HIGH on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3, 2006, AT 2:15 PM, has changed times. The event will now take place at 6:15PM. Original tickets will be honored for the new time.

The funny things is: I thought the game WAS at 6:15 already.

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