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Sunday · October 29 2006

Tough balancing game. 20.8 seconds was the best I could do in a couple minutes of practice.

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October 29 2006

30.01 seconds was my best so far. Some observations:

When I fail, it is most often because the big ball falls. Hypothesis: The big ball is the key. Practice: Keep the paddle directly above the big ball for as long as possible before moving to react to the small ball. At the last possible moment, move the paddle quickly to catch the small ball and then get your paddle back over the big ball. Continue following the big ball with paddle. Try not to over-compensate.

I wish they would create a database to track your progress.

This game could be a metaphor for life in some ways. This emphasizes the importance of integrating prioritization into multi-tasking. Continual maintenance of large projects while juggling smaller projects is the key to eventual net success with all projects.

Jason, can this be proven mathematically?

October 29 2006

I was up to 23.something when my browser crashed.

October 31 2006

31.35. I rule.

October 31 2006


November 01 2006


I don't think I can do any better.

November 10 2006

great game.
Agree to Brandon K. that should react quicly.
But as I see key is to look on small ball with eyes and look on big ball with only "second eyes". Follow small ball with eyes.
Also don't try to keep big ball on center with small corrections - make brave corrections big ball is inertive

November 17 2006

I'm in awe of Sanya's superior Doublejeu abilities. You must be a Jedi or perhaps a ninja.

I agree, it's all about the inertia of the big ball and knowing which way the small ball will bounce depending on where it hits the paddle.

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