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Wednesday · October 25 2006

My First Day in Hell
By Jack Handey

Archived: Read » October 2006
What you had to say:
October 25 2006


October 25 2006

It's Jack Handey. As in "Deep Thought By..."

October 25 2006

I mean "Deep Thoughts By..."

October 26 2006

Hay - Comments are closed on the paper cutting art post, but here's another cool set of pics:

October 27 2006

Yeah, I saw it was Jack Handey. It was just still so weird I didn't know what to make of it.

October 27 2006

That's the link I posted to the real artist of the cut-outs, Anneke! :)

October 30 2006

Ok, so some of those photos did look familiar. Sheesh.

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