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Wednesday · October 18 2006

No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted
You've seen this sort of retouching magic before, but this video makes me wonder why they start with a human model at all if the spread doesn't call for a celebrity/famous face.

What you had to say:
October 19 2006

Wow. That's pretty amazing. I've seen the before and after pictures before but watching the whole process before your eyes really sinks it in.

October 19 2006

Years ago, I worked at a fashion magazine. I was amazed to see how much retouching was done to photographs; in one instance, we took INCHES off a celebrity's thighs. I kept wondering what would happen to our "perception of beauty" if we'd just left hers -- and everyone else's -- thighs alone.

October 19 2006

Cool! I want someone to do that to me. I want to walk in with blemishes and bad hair and have somebody make it go away, and get paid for it.

I agree with Jason. Why even bother paying for "talent" in this instance?

October 21 2006

I was mezmerized by the photoshop. I know what it's capable of, but I'd never seen it in action like that before.

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