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Friday · October 13 2006

Summary of key US Senate races
I didn't realize we were this close to being rid of Rick Santorum.

My political question this month is: Who do I choose between Blago and Topinka in the Illinois gov race? As much as I hate not voting, the choice is like a question posted by a 13 year old on would you rather?

Would I rather be machine-gunned to death with Lite-Brite pegs OR be assasinated by Cabbage Patch Dolls?

I just don't know.

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What you had to say:
October 13 2006

I've been meaning to send out a link to the OTHER candidate's site (yes there is one)
I haven't decided yet myself, it is all so disheartening. And yet, I still think it is worse to do nothing than to cast a vote for somebody.

October 13 2006

Blago gets my vote.

If the Republicans had run Birkett, I might be more conflicted. But, something about Topinka is just so abrasive to me. Not to mention, my politics are pretty divergent from hers.

October 13 2006

Yeah. My question is more about can I vote for Blago, who I think is pretty weasel-like, than it is can I vote for Topinka who makes my skin crawl.

October 13 2006

Casey is pretty conservative as Democrats go, but just about anybody would be better than Santorum.

Sad to see that it looks like Allen is going to win again in Virginia. That guy is a grade A douchebag. But that sort of faux-redneck always seems to do well in Virginia.

October 14 2006

Correction: The weasel gets my vote. I agree that they are both pretty dislikable. I wish that for once, I would vote in an election where I wasn't voting for someone reluctantly. Even in the last presidential election, I wasn't really excited about Kerry, but I felt like he was way better than Bush.

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