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Friday · September 29 2006

While waiting for the bus yesterday, a fairly short red-haired kid walked by me with white iPod earbuds. 5th grade at the very max. What sort of music do 5th graders listen to?

I owned one cassette tape in 5th grade: Thriller. The rest of my music collection was Mickey Mouse and Charlie Brown books on vinyl which I probably hadn't listened to for a good year or so. I had just begun making my own poor quality mix tapes off B96 on the radio. Jump, Come on Eileen, Who's Watching Me?, 99 Red Balloons. I recorded my voice as the DJ in between songs, just like you probably did.

What does a 5th grader in 2006 fill their iPod with? More importantly, how much more difficult would it be for him to record a mix tape/CD/podcast with his own voice as DJ? I bet he can't find that podcast in 20 years and get a laugh out of playing it.

What you had to say:
September 29 2006

That was my first cassette tape, too.
I have no idea what they listen to, but I bet it's causing their parents as much stress as Michael Jackson did to ours!!

September 29 2006

from my experience with patients- they listen to hilary duff and whatever other pop short-term singer becomes popular. They also like that one backstreet boy's younger brother- can't remember his name. that's my experience with 5th grade girls at least. boys, hmmmm....let me think about that.

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