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Friday · September 22 2006

Jesus Camp
Kids worshipping a cardboard cut-out of Bush? Jon Stewart needs a segment on this. Now.

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What you had to say:
September 22 2006

wow. that brings up 10 billion emotions in me.

September 22 2006

super, just what we need. Extremist Christians. No pun intended, but god help us all.

September 22 2006

Perhaps we should start Secular Humanist Camp in response. Oh wait, that would be a lot like PBS kids or public education. Nevermind.

September 23 2006

This isn't a huge shock to me. In fact this "evangelization" of kids trend is not a new one. Back when I studied kid trends (6-9 years ago) something that always dumbfounded me was the vast majority of kids saying Jesus Christ was their hero, followed by their parents. If you look at the data and compare it to when we were kids, "heroes" tended to be sports figures. So, anyway, the prediction was that this Jesus trend would grow among American youth, and apparently that was right on!

September 23 2006

I think Jesus is a much better hero for a kid than a sports figure. Religion can be a very positive influence for kids. Why were you confused by so many children saying Jesus was their hero?

The video shocks me more for the extremist indoctrination than anything. I was a camp counselor at a Christian-run camp in Kentucky and I can tell you first hand it was NOTHING like this.

September 23 2006

I'm not saying it is a bad thing that so many kids said Jesus (keep in mind, I'm Catholic). I'm just saying that the trend even years ago was that Christianity and Jesus are much more at the forefront of kids' minds than they were when we were kids (it was when all the WWJD stuff was in vogue). I was shocked because when I was a kid, if someone would have asked me, "Who do you admire most?" it's true, Jesus would not even have been on my radar screen. And neither would my parents, for that matter.
I don't mean to suggest that what is shown in this video is normal or mainstream - it's not. But, I can see how the current political climate might give birth to something weird and inappropriate like this.

September 23 2006

I understand much better what you're saying now, Lisa, thanks. Same here, no way would I have ever responded "Jesus" as my hero even though I went to Catholic school and had religion class everyday. I suspect that may have something to do with Catholicism vs. the more evangelical congregations. They taught us to spread the God love around to Mary and all the saints, not just Jesus.

Remember May Crowning?

September 27 2006

hey we dont know each other.....but ive seen and been apart of this stuff before.......last night even....but neway.....its really fun.....(if u understand it and have done it before).....and i think its better to have young kids like this then young Muslims killing people (not saying that all r like this).....and i believe that soon this will be normal for many youth.....well thats my 2 cents about the sub......~the princess~

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