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Sunday · September 17 2006

I'll go ahead and cherrypick some of my favorite photos Stacy took this past week.

That's windy.

Enough to get my Red Baron kite up and flying.

Charlie and Aunt Krissy meet a camel.

Charlie and Grandpa on the dock.

The obligatory Door County fish boil.

Hiking in Newport State Park.

Trading off the pack is always welcome.

The smallmouth in my dad's right hand was a fine looking fish.

The sunset view from the backyard of the house we rented.

What you had to say:
September 18 2006

wow, this looks lovely. I am looking forward to having this same experience, substitute my family, in NM, in December.

September 18 2006

These pictures make me want to grab the family, jump in the car and drive to Door County right now. Especially those hiking pictures. I'm itching to go now. These are seriously beautiful. And the windblown look suits both you and Charlie well, Jason.

September 18 2006

Wow. It looks like you guys had a wonderful time. (Absolute thrill to see the red baron airborne!) Thanks for sharing

September 21 2006

What a nice little week getaway! I hope you guys relaxed and just enjoyed life as a family (looks like you did).

I'll e-mail you soon, in response to your e-mail, which was a response to my e-mail, about blogging. :)

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