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Friday · September 08 2006

We're leaving tomorrow morning to spend a week in Door County, WI with my dad, Darlene, and my sister. I've had a great summer and I'm really looking to spend one last week near the water with my family and nothing more to do than read, bike, eat, break out some new board games, and spend some uninterrupted time together.

My blog posting has been uneven this summer, but so it is. I started the blog three years ago while very bored at work and that's not a problem anymore. I've had a very interesting project to work on this summer and an excellent team to work with.

Blogging usually fits in now when I wake up too early in the morning to know what to do with myself and I can't fall back asleep. I may try to get back to more personal topics this fall, or I might not. In any case, thanks for sticking around and checking in with me when you do. It's the reason I still come back to this site even after the occasional breaks.

Enjoy this week.

What you had to say:
September 19 2006

wow- looks like a great trip and reminds me of when we would go to door county on similar family vacations. fish boils and all.

except we probably had more family fighting going on with three boys running around pushing each other into the lake and bothering the more serious fisherman.

even though I don't post alot, I visit your site often to see how the keggers are doing. and how the world looks through your eyes. my blog would be somewhat similar but obviously with more porn. and da bears.

September 19 2006

It's too bad you don't post more, Steve. I'd enjoy it.

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