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Thursday · August 24 2006

10,000 reasons Civilization is Doomed
It's 5:30am and it's stormy outside, I'm not feeling upbeat.

What you had to say:
August 24 2006

#62 is gross. I did get something out of the list: I had never heard of the North Pacific Gyre. That was pretty depressing.

August 24 2006

I would add "candles that smell like Jesus" to that list. Yes, there is someone out there that is marketing this idea and they are actually successful.

August 24 2006

I would like to add "The Race for Illinois Governor" to the list.

August 30 2006

I followed the link for #1646 - pretty funny.

Also, I keep thinkin that the original 6 creators of the list, especially Aurelio, must be really really depressed. That guy posts a lot.

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