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Tuesday · August 22 2006
Click on a series of which of two pictures you prefer and the brain will guess something about you and your personality.

What you had to say:
August 22 2006

This is really fun! I just love the different visuals that they picked. Some are really strange - like the one of the chick that looks like Heather Graham marrying an old guy in a hospital bed or the sumo wrestlers swimming. Although, the first prediction it made is that I'm a guy (wrong!). Must have based that on my sense of humor.

August 25 2006

Pretty interesting site---I need to spend more time on it to see what I am really like.

Nice to find you on the web, Jason.

September 06 2006

Great find. Those pictures are *amazing*. And the brain was pretty accurate too. I'd say about 80% - it guessed my gender and age to a T!

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