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Thursday · June 29 2006

Anyone else see Frontline's special "The Dark Side" last night?

In “The Dark Side,” FRONTLINE tells the story of the vice president's role as the chief architect of the war on terror, and his battle with Director of Central Intelligence George Tenet for control of the “dark side.” Drawing on more than 40 interviews and thousands of documents, the film provides a step-by-step examination of what happened inside the councils of war.

Catch it next time it's on if you missed it.

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What you had to say:
June 29 2006

I saw some of it, but couldn't stay with it. It's all just too depressing.

But didn't we already know most of this stuff? Or at least, could make a very good guess that this is about how it happened?

June 30 2006

I saw this show earlier this week. On my walk home that very night i thought about how i was passing some point personal growth; i was no longer as angry at the Bush administration - more angry at the impotence of my own party. Of course the show just made me angry all over again at those F@#%@ing guys. They should be tried for treason. So much for personal growth.

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