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Thursday · June 22 2006

100 Awesome Music Videos
Not the Most Awesome 100 music videos, just 100 Awesome music videos that all happen to be on YouTube with comments courtesy of Pitchfork.

You can easily spend all day in Awe of the Awesomeness (as I have spent the last 2 hours tonight), but if you only have time for one, skip directly to page 10 for Yo La Tengo's “Sugarcube.” If you time for 2, I'd suggest scrolling to the bottom of page 5 for the Kidz Bop version of “Since U Been Gone.” Don't just skip to 2:37, you'll miss the walrus, and the alligator, and the tiger.

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What you had to say:
June 22 2006

That was wonderful. Thanks. That Sugarcube video hit the spot.

June 22 2006

You were supposed to say "That was Awesome." But I forgive you.

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