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Wednesday · May 24 2006

Top 50 Places to Have a Beer in America
Local interest: The Map Room at #5 and Hopleaf at #21

Archived: Eats » May 2006
What you had to say:
May 24 2006

Zeno's made the list! Impressive.

There was a time when I could go into Zeno's any time I was back in State College and run into at least five completely random people I went to high school with. That's probably not true anymore.

May 24 2006

Despite occassional attitude, I support the Hopleaf on the list certainly just because of the amazing beers. I haven't been to the Map Room in probably 8 years. I remember having Bell's Amber Ale for the first time there and discovering both a love for it and the fact that it gives me gas. Not everything has a happy ending.

May 24 2006

...this was on the map room's reviews. What is Dark Lord Day again?

>>Went to Chicago after Dark Lord Day. Decided to check out the map room. Very cool little bar with a terrific selection of beers. I'd say there were about 20 draught brews and over 100 bottles. They even had some Kentucky Breakfast in bottle which I found very suprising considering it's scarcity.

May 25 2006

Dark Lord Day

I've never heard of it before.

May 25 2006

holy crap, I have actually been to both places, for the same reason: in search of Belgian ale. And damned if I haven't moved to the other side of the planet and I am going to a pub tonight for... drum roll... Belgian Ale. I am if not spontaneous, at least monotonously consistent.

May 25 2006

I've been to Hopleaf many a time, but only Map Room once. It was the night Princess Di died; the TVs were blaring the news and it was rather quiet. Hard to forget about that one visit.

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