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Thursday · May 18 2006

American Idol is down to the final two: Katharine McPhee and Taylor Hicks. I've been rooting for Katharine, because, well, she's prettier than the guys. Truthfully, I was more rooting for Chris Daughtry to lose than anyone to win, because if you sing Creed, you should be banished. That wish came true two weeks ago, so now I'd like to see Taylor win. The young Michael McDonald thing doesn't do much for me, but I want to see how they market this guy post-show.

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May 18 2006

Really? I think Katharine is nothing special. She has a well-trained voice, but she's not interesting (neither is Carrie Underwood or Kelly Clarkson). I was sorry to see Chris go. And love Taylor - he's been my favorite since I saw his audition. You can argue he's not the perfect candidate to be American Idol, but if I were a real life record exec, without any contest to rely on, I would sign Taylor (or Chris) long before I would sign Katharine. I think the fact that that they have an edge makes them more marketable.

May 19 2006

I've just established in my office that if there were a test on American pop culture, I would lose my citizenship. Kelly Clark won American Idol, who knew!? I always wondered how she suddenly came out of nowhere. To those of us who live in caves, as our intern suspects I did back in the States.

May 20 2006

How can you not like Chris?! He is the only one with any bit of street cred. Sure, he sang Creed, but only lousy bands on their way out will allow the show to use their songs anyway. You gotta sing something...and it's WAY better than half the crap the other contestants sang (see Kevin Covais).

I guess it's a good thing he didn't win. At least now he's not beholden to the grip of Simon Cowell's all-bubble-gum-pop-all-the-time record label.

May 20 2006

All the singing on the show is boring. I can't explain why I watch.

I wish Chris the best in his post-Idol career. I found it tough to watch him sing on a show like American Idol compared to say the "find INXS a singer" show. It just looked all wrong to me.

May 20 2006

I thought Chris was the best singer/performer. I have to admit since he got kicked out I lost interest in the show. Although I still ended up watching last week, and now would prefer Taylor to win over Katharine.

May 23 2006

if you like this sort of thing, Eurovision Song Contest is like the penultimum of bad voter-selected talent contests. It's absolutely brilliant.

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